To combat the decline in potency, men use a variety of methods. Recipes of nontraditional medicine are of great demand, since they do not require financial expenses and do not harm the body. Unlike medications, folk remedies are practically harmless, have no contraindications and are available to everyone. One of such methods is changing the diet and making it useful for men’s health products.

Afrodisiacs and potency
Folk healers often advise men, with a weakened potency, to eat aphrodisiacs. There are many such products, among them beer and sour cream. These two components have a positive effect on sexual function only in the aggregate. As it is known, beer itself can be drunk only in limited quantities, otherwise it will only worsen the condition of the reproductive system. Many people like sour cream and its use has a beneficial effect on the body. Men who regularly add sour cream to their diet, observe a general improvement in the condition. This dairy product also has an impact on sexual health:

  • the composition contains a protein very useful for potency;
  • contains nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of body systems;
  • promotes the development of sperm;
  • improves sperm quality.
  • Sour cream, though useful, but does not have such pronounced healing properties as other products that enhance potency. That is why, its qualities are enhanced in combination with beer.

    Recipe for Men
    Beer with sour cream for potency is a method that causes various disputes among specialists. And only in one their opinion coincides: such a mixture of products acts on the body as an energetic. After receiving this “cocktail” a man feels vivacity and a burst of energy. Beer contains many minerals, and the yeast present in it, has a beneficial effect on the bacterial flora of the intestine. Adding sour cream to the intoxicating drink, it is made even more enriched and high-energy. Sour cream with beer for potency is useful and well absorbed, but one should not abuse portions of such energy.

    An important point is the quality of the components. You should use only sour cream with high fat content, because the fat-free, so-called “light”, is deprived of the necessary proteinaceous substances. Beer should be natural, the shelf life of which does not exceed 14 days. Only in this intoxicating drink natural hops and malt are present. If the beer is substandard, then instead of an energy charge, the body will receive only a dose of chemical preservatives.

    Sour cream with beer for potency is a natural stimulant that will also help to restore the condition after the illness and will support the strength of the body during periods of strong physical exertion!