Physical exercises to increase potency – this is a special technique that aims to eliminate sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction. This method of treatment is very popular among men, as it is safe for health, does not require financial investments, has a high and lasting effect. Such a technique can be used both for young guys for the prevention of sexual disorders, and for mature men, with the goal not only of prevention but also of treatment. Contraindications exercises to improve potency have not and are available to everyone who wants to regain their male power or keep it for a long time.

Advantages of the methodology
In addition to availability, efficacy and safety, it is worth noting such properties of the physical method of treatment:

  • exercises to increase potency contribute to the development of testosterone, which positively affects the reproductive system;
  • develop a large musculature of the body, which plays an important role in the functioning of the reproductive system of men;
  • increase the flow of blood to the genital and its cavernous bodies, which is necessary for a stable erection;
  • normalize blood circulation in the vessels of the small pelvis, strengthening the reproductive system;
  • contribute to the release of a large dose of adrenaline from the body, which helps to avoid nervous disorders and stresses, which often cause sexual disorders;
  • improve the overall psychological state;
  • increase tone;
  • cheer up;
  • promote the processes of recovery of the body;
  • relax and relieve muscle tension.
    To achieve a visible result and regain his masculinity, it is necessary to engage regularly, systematically. The effect comes a month later. Of course, this is not Viagra, which after 15 minutes makes a man all-powerful, in terms of sexual possibilities. But the effect of such a technique persists for a long time, in contrast to drug stimulants. Therefore, assessing the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of treatment, it can be argued that physical exercises to increase potency – this is the right choice for restoring erectile function.
    Complex exercises for men
    Starting position: to kneel, hands to rest in front of him in the floor, pelvis at an angle of 90 °. On exhalation, lower the buttocks on the soles of the feet. Movement is smooth, hands do not tear off the floor and do not change the trajectory of their movement. Leaning on the heels, inhale and stretch your arms forward, as if stretching the vertebrae, while exhaling the air in small portions. Then gently return to the starting position. This exercise should begin 2-3 times and gradually bring up to 10 approaches. The action is aimed at eliminating stagnant processes in the organs of the small pelvis, warming up the knees, lower back and lower back. During the exercise, a natural massage of the prostate gland and abdominal organs is performed.
    The starting position: to become, stretching his arms along the body, legs on the width of the shoulders. Gradually inhale (the muscles of the lower abdomen should be involved). On exhalation compress the muscles of the anus as possible and stay in this position for a few seconds. Then slowly relax the anus and recruit air into the lungs again. Inhale and exhale smoothly, between the approaches to make short pauses. During the contraction of the muscles, do not strain the buttocks. The action should be concentrated in the perineum itself. This makes it possible to carry out a natural massage not only of the prostate gland, but also of other organs of the reproductive system.
    Starting position: to become, legs wider than shoulder width, arms straight, extended forward. At the expense of one, half-seated, bent knees, so that the pelvis to the floor was located at an angle of 90 °. At first, you can not fall so low or use a chair, a wall for the palm rest. Having adopted this position, it is necessary to carry out movements of the pelvis back and forth, but only with the pelvis – the body is stationary. Make up to 10 approaches, as if swinging the lower part of the body. Such exercises to improve the potency strengthens the legs and back.
    Starting position: lie on your back, legs bend at the knees, arms stretched along the trunk. Tightly press the shoulder blades and feet to the floor. On inhale, lift the pelvis from the surface and gently pull upwards, without lifting the foot and upper back. On exhalation, go down to the starting position. Perform 10 approaches, after a week increase to 20 times. Such an occupation sets up blood circulation, kneads the prostate and the organs adjacent to it.
    Starting position: lie on your back, legs bend at the knees, press the heels to the buttocks, place your hands on the kneecaps with your hands. Take a breath, and on an exhalation to spread legs or foots in the parties. After that, on inhaling again, squeeze your legs together, while performing an obstructive movement with your hands, as if unclenching them back. Repeat at least three times. In the process, the muscles of the perineum, groin, inner thighs are trained and strengthened.
    Carrying out such physical exercises to increase the potency in the complex, you can quickly achieve the desired result and not only return the male power, but significantly improve the body. The main thing is to correctly approach the application of methodology, to observe regularity, without violating the regime and not skipping classes!