The question of reducing potency in our time is relevant for most members of the stronger sex. Problems of a sexual nature arise not only in mature men, disorders of erectile function are also affecting young guys who have not yet turned 30 years old. Such statistics are not at all consolatory, so everyone seeks to warn themselves against such an ailment. Men show an active interest in the means to increase potency and are in search of ways to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Medication Therapy
In each pharmacy today can offer a variety of drugs that quickly get rid of violations in sexual life. Such pharmaceuticals have a high effect and in a short time return the male power. But, you should focus your attention on a large list of contraindications and side effects. And the cost of such drugs is not available to everyone.

Natural treatment
In contrast to pharmacy products, specialists of alternative therapy offer practical advice and recommendations “how to strengthen the potency of men.” These methods are no less effective than medicamentous ones, but they require the costs of a certain time. It is necessary during the period of the course of treatment, to observe the rules unswervingly and then the result will not be long in coming. Traditional medicine – safe, economical, effective! The application of recommendations can improve not only the condition of the reproductive system, but also improve the body as a whole, which is not unimportant. After all, the quality of his sexual life depends on the general well-being of a man.

How to strengthen the potency in men
To normalize the sexual function and restore the erection, you must follow the following rules or principles:

  • Healthy food. On the diet depends the work of all organs and systems, as well as the ability of the body to function properly. Only with proper nutrition can you be sure that the immunity will be strong, the metabolism is right, the body is strong. To consume food you need foods that contain vitamins and microelements necessary for men: vitamins – B, C and E, selenium and zinc. They are all contained in the so-called “aphrodisiacs”.
  • Do sport. Exercise helps to improve blood circulation in the arteries, veins and blood vessels. In order to increase the blood circulation in the small pelvis, you need to warm up with the elements for the pelvis: slopes, squats, turns, lunges, legs, walking, jogging, cycling. Exercises of this kind strengthen the muscles of the groin, markedly increase the blood flow to the penis, thereby improving the erection and making a man more endurance. Doing sports can get rid of excess weight or prevent it from appearing. Overweight and fat men always suffer from a decrease in potency. Fat – the worst enemy of a healthy sex life, as it breaks the quality of the male hormone and significantly reduces its level in the blood.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, you must give up alcohol, smoking and drug use. Bad habits and healthy, full-fledged sex – things are not compatible!
    Avoid stress and overwork. Very often psychological disorders cause the development of impotence. Many men are subject to constant stress at work and at home, and this has a very negative impact on the sexual sphere of life. You should limit yourself from strong physical exertion and minimize the emotional background.
  • Be confident in yourself and your strength! This rule must be applied always and in everything. Because the uncertainty in themselves and their sexual abilities, can develop an inferiority complex, which will certainly cause erectile dysfunction and reduce libido.
  • These recommendations are based on the study of factors that lead to a decrease in potency. Observance of these simplest rules will allow each man to be strong, healthy and confident!