Today, more and more men turn to a specialist for help, complaining about a decrease in potency and lack of sexual desire. Such phenomena in our time, unfortunately, are not uncommon. Sexual disorders occur in mature men, as well as in fairly young men. The reason for this is a significant deterioration of the ecological background, unhealthy lifestyle, psychological and physiological disorders. Doctors like to offer this treatment with a medicamentous method. But, many patients do not want to take drugs that negatively affect other organs and systems and prefer to use traditional medicine. Men do not want to voice such a sensitive issue with outsiders and seek to solve the problem on their own and at home.

Treatment at home is quite possible. To do this, you can use proven tools for years – herbs to increase potency. The main thing is to start therapy without postponing and strictly abide by the regime. The use of medicinal plants in the therapy of disorders of the functioning of the reproductive system has a high efficiency.

The effectiveness of herbal treatment
Herbs that increase the potency of men are sold in each pharmacy. Also they can be bought from healers and herbalists. Phytotherapy is considered the safest and cheapest method of treatment. In addition, the use of herbs and infusions for the normalization of sexual function has a number of advantages:


  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • does not harm the liver and other organs;
  • has a restorative effect on the whole organism;
  • establishes exchange processes;
  • relaxes;
  • improves the nervous system;
  • stimulates the urinary system;
  • strengthens the flow of blood to the genitals;
  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant;
  • strengthens and prolongs an erection.
  • Herbs for potency enhancement
    List of plants that help to solve the problem with erectile dysfunction:

    Herbs for the prostate

  • Celery. This greens increases the potency, stimulates the production of the male hormone – testosterone and has a general rejuvenating effect on the body. Used as fresh greens, and dried root. You can add celery to any food. In addition to celery, parsley, spinach, black pepper have the same qualities.
  • Ginger. This spice is valued for its not only taste qualities, but also for medicinal properties that are aimed at combating the loss of potency. In addition, ginger strengthens the body’s defenses. From this plant you can prepare tincture, brew tea, grind into powder and take with honey.
  • Rue. Tincture of alcohol or water infusion with the use of this herb, will quickly return the male power and restore the erection.
    Asparagus. Like many beans, this plant is very useful for men. Medicinal asparagus contributes to the normal functioning of sexual function and stimulates the sexual glands. It dilates blood vessels, improves the functioning of the heart, kidneys, lowers blood pressure.
  • Anise is ordinary. Has the same effect as celery. This herb can be poured with boiling water, insist and take instead of tea.
    Ginseng. This is one of those plants that has powerful healing properties. Ginseng tones, detoxifies, increases sexual desire, is widely used in the treatment of prostate diseases, including impotence. The grass is shown at weakening of an organism, well strengthens immunity.
  • Aloe. This houseplant is known for all its medicinal qualities. Aloe juice can help and reduce the potency. This means increases the flow of blood to the penis, prolonging and strengthening the erection.
  • Before you start the herbal treatment, you need to accurately determine the cause of the weakening of the potency and already proceeding from this, choose the right grass. If the factor that influenced the reduction of libido, is a psychological problem, then calming plants are needed. If there is a stagnation of blood in the organs of the small pelvis, then we need grass with vasodilating properties. If fatigue is the cause of loss of potency, then general health-improving herbs should be used. In any case, it is better to first consult with a doctor and already after buying the herbs to increase the potency.