Disorders of sexual function adversely affect the quality of life of every man. Even a slight decrease in potency causes anxiety and causes depression. Representatives of the stronger sex are most afraid of losing their sexuality and their male abilities. That is why, when the first signs of erectile dysfunction appear, it is necessary to consult a doctor and begin treatment in order to avoid the development of impotence. If there is a weakening of the erection and problems with entering during intercourse, you need to start taking drugs that increase the potency in men.

You can use these medicines not only with the appearance of violations in the sexual sphere, but also for enhancing pleasure, as well as for the prevention.

How to treat erectile dysfunction

  • To correct such an unpleasant situation as the loss of erection, today use a variety of pharmacological and natural remedies. Among the drugs in this area, well-proven ones are:
    Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase. This group includes Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Viagra Levitra. These pills are in great demand all over the world. They are easy to use and the effect comes almost immediately. The effect on the potency is approximately the same, only the duration of the effect of the substance differs. These drugs to increase the potency of men increase the flow of blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis. After taking Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, there is an increase in the size of the penis and its hardening. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors increase natural excitation and are not stimulants.
  • NO-synthase activators. Such drugs also have a positive effect on the duration and strength of the erection. Their action is to stimulate blood flow in the pelvic organs, specifically in the genitals. The most effective means, which has a minimum of side effects, is considered to be the Impaza. This medication not only improves potency, but is also used in complex therapy with prostatitis.
  • Alpha-adrenoblockers. Tablets of this group are prescribed in cases where a decrease in potency occurs as a result of psychological factors and nervous disorders. The active substance of the drug has a direct effect on the brain. Known names: Doxazosin, Terazozin, Tamsulosin, Alfuzozin.
  • Types and actions of drugs
    Drugs for increasing potency in men can have a pharmacological or natural origin. Chemical tablets have a quick and effective effect on sexual function. At the same time, they have a number of contraindications and side effects. Therefore, inhibitors of phosphodiesterase can not be taken by all men.

    Another thing, natural medicines. Of course, they do not act as fast as chemical ones, but they do not harm the body and are meant for men of different ages. Herbal preparations are products that are created on the basis of natural ingredients. This is the Impaza, Laveron, Vuka-Vuka. Extracts of various medicinal substances and herbs, such as ginseng, nettle, horse chestnut and the like, cause a positive dynamics in the functioning of the reproductive system and normalize the erectile function.

    You should know that any treatment should only be done under the supervision of a specialist!