Stimuloid Effective Extreme Sexual Stimulant – Does It Work?
Erectile dysfunction affects between 30% and 50% of the male population at some point in in their lives. Defined as difficulty gaining, maintaining or sustaining strong or long lasting erections, erectile dysfunction is an endemic issue that many men find difficult due to the private nature of the issue.
There are many factors that can contribute to both erectile dysfunction and generalized sexual dysfunction, which can manifest in a broad variety of symptoms such as premature ejaculation, limited endurance, or low libido.
Poor nutrition, cardiovascular disease and systemic health disorders all negatively affect sexual health in men, but the primary causes of sexual dysfunction are firstly low free testosterone levels, and secondly poor circulatory health.
Stimuloid Extreme Sexual Stimulant is a new male sexual support supplement manufactured and distributed by Goliath Labs, a popular United States based health, dietary and sports supplement provider.
Designed to rebalance the issues that that are the root cause of sexual dysfunction, Stimuloid promises to offer an analogue and stimulant free solution that promotes stamina, increases sexual power and libido, and rebalances hormonal and circulatory health.
In this article we’ll provide a detailed analysis of the Stimuloid formula as well as outline the primary health concerns that cause sexual dysfunction and how Stimuloid addresses them, to help you decide whether Stimuloid is the right male enhancement solution for you.
About Stimuloid.
Testosterone is the male hormone responsible male secondary sexual characteristics such as muscle mass, cardiovascular health, endurance, cognitive function and most importantly, libido.
Throughout the course of the male lifetime, production of free testosterone drops by between 2% and 4% every year. This decrease in testosterone production, known as andropause, has a dramatic effect not only on sexual health, but on the overall health of the body.
Low testosterone levels are associated with depression, increased weight gain, low sexual drive and performance, decreased motivation, and even severe health complications such as heart disease or immune disorders. Maintaining balanced hormonal levels is one of the most critical factors in ensuring long term health.
Circulatory health plays a similarly important role in sexual health. The human body transfers oxygen and essential nutrients to regions of the body under stress during high intensity physical exercise, both in and out of the bedroom, through the circulatory system.
Poor cardiovascular health resulting from either low testosterone or a sedentary lifestyle can have a negative impact on the efficiency of the circulatory system of the body, resulting in high blood pressure which can cause a spectrum of health complications, including erectile dysfunction.
While maintaining a healthy lifestyle in combination with a nutritionally balanced diet can help to mitigate the effects of andropause or age on the hormonal and circulatory systems of the body, the entropic nature of the human body inevitably leads to imbalances and dysfunctions arising.
The best method of counteracting and reversing these unwanted symptoms of causality is through the use of products that boost testosterone production and circulatory health.
A great many of the pharmaceutical solutions that are available to treat sexual dysfunction in men, such as Cialis or Viagra, don’t actually address the root cause of the issue, instead providing a quick fix that both causes the user to become reliant on a costly product, and has a net negative effect on health through unwanted side effects.
The safest, most effective and healthiest male enhancement solutions are those that use naturally occurring herbal extracts, botanical derivatives and organic compounds that work in harmony with the body to boost testosterone production and elevate circulatory health with no side effects or health concerns.
Stimuloid is one such supplement, using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that combines cutting edge medical science and ancient traditional medicine techniques to deliver a fast acting, long lasting male enhancement solution.
The Stimuloid Extreme Sexual Stimulant Formula.
Unlike many of the other male enhancement solutions available on the market today, Goliath Labs provide a full breakdown of the active ingredients in their formula.
Consisting of four naturally occurring and highly potent elements, the Stimuloid formula is scientifically proven and demonstrated in multiple clinical trials to have a profound effect on both sexual performance and overall bodily health. Stimuloid targets the two primary causes of sexual dysfunction, hormonal and circulatory imbalance, through these four side effect free ingredients.
The first ingredient in the Stimuloid formula, L-Arginine, provides an effective and comprehensive solution to poor circulatory health. L-Arginine is an amino acid that is converted into nitric oxide by the body after ingestion, which acts as a powerful vasodilator.
By dilating and relaxing the blood vessels, veins and arteries in the circulatory system, nitric oxide increases the amount of blood the body can pump through the body, resulting in increased endurance, cardiovascular performance, and erection strength.
The three latter ingredients in the Stimuloid formula are tongkat ali extract, horny goat weed extract, and GABA. Both horny goat weed and tongkat ali are potent herbal aphrodisiacs, the former commonly known as barrenwort, found in the United Kingdom and Europe, and the latter commonly found throughout Southeast Asia.
These two aphrodisiac botanicals have been demonstrated in hundreds of clinical trials to dramatically increase sexual performance and libido with no negative side effects, and have even been used in traditional medicine systems such as ancient Indian Vedic medicine for its positive effect on cardiovascular and heart health.
Finally, GABA is a neurotransmitter responsible for communicating sexual impulses throughout the nervous system. By increasing GABA levels, stimuloid helps to reduce anxiety levels that are commonly caused by sexual dysfunction.
The four disparate ingredients in the Stimuloid formula work in synergy to deliver an overall boost to sex drive, endurance, sexual power, and testosterone production.
Stimuloid Extreme Sexual Stimulant Pricing & Availability.
Stimuloid Extreme Sexual Stimulant is available from the Goliath Labs website and is priced at $39.99 USD. If you’re looking for a highly effective sexual enhancement product that provides fast acting relief from the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, Stimuloid is a healthy, side effect free and long lasting solution.
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