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Written on: 25/03/2017 by IsabellStack (1 review written)
Hello people I have bought reductil online from this site and I was surprised to receive the pills home in very few days. Reductil is a good weight loss supplement and I recommend it those who desire loose weight fast without a diet.. of course the effects are more rapid if you choose to make sport as well.. best regards!… Read Full Review.
“High quality Reductil purchased ”
Written on: 10/06/2015 by MaciPollock274 (1 review written)
I agree that Reductil is the best weight loss drug. Its important that you buy it from reliable source. I got it from .meridiareductil no issues at all. Always received the package safe and in the estimated time (within 2 weeks). Taken once a day it acts as a mood lifter and helps you feel full with less food. It helped me take off a few pounds. Lost 17 kg in 3 months and did not feel hungry while taking the medicine. The only side effects that I have experienced so far is the dry mouth and… Read Full Review.
Louiselogan’s Comment.
Written on: 20/07/2015.
Hi there, was reading we story and i was wondering were I could purchase reductil from as I’ve alot of weight to lose.
Samanthaw5047’s Comment.
Written on: 03/10/2015.
Hi where can I purcha these pills from I live west midland uk and need them asap.
“The only thing that ever works!”
Written on: 11/07/2014 by Alessandrax304 (1 review written)
I first used reductil about 6 years ago. My doctor prescribed it to me, I was about 4 stone overweight and I lost almost 3 of those stones in about 4 months. During the 4th month I only dropped 1lb so my doctor took me off them. I was gutted as I had been doing so well and was delighted with how I looked. The thing is I have little to no appetite, I would eat once a day maybe a snack here or there. Although reductil is to reduce your appetite it actually made me eat more, I would eat small… Read Full Review.
Jay120’s Comment.
Written on: 01/08/2014.
Where can i get sum, scared to go on internet due to fake tablets.
Paulawinston26’s Comment.
Written on: 14/05/2015.
Hi there just wondering where did you get them or can you still get them.
“best ever should never have being banned ”
Written on: 09/07/2014 by 349Galloway (1 review written)
this tablet helped so many they did small trial with people with cardiovascular disease who should nothave used it so they made out that it gives heart attacks! since when do you give medication to people like this to people with heart disease? never! so they took it off the market ! thats the truth because reductil was too successsfull and i believe to push lapband surgery were you eat hardly anything at all!even though its usefull for some people!they gave no feelings to people who need this… Read Full Review.
“reductile slimming pill was very effective in my. ”
Written on: 05/02/2014.
when i used reductile , i was surprised for reducing appetite bcaouse on that time my Tummy was very big and i could not prevent my appetite. but after using this for 2 weeks i return back to my normal wight. know because of exam and work i think i really need this pill or any pill like that for reducing wight because already a have 5 kilo extra wight that cannot improve by every day exercise in gym. i really need this supplement or any one which can help me. thank you… Read Full Review.
Franzka’s Comment.
Written on: 01/05/2014.
i also have been on reductil and felt very good, it really worked fr me and after 4 months i have seen the positive results, the problem finding them gave it to me the headaches becuse all of my orders i have made online, i was afraid of fake online pharmacy or fake pills, i had a good experience with, no complaints, the delivery time in max 2 weeks, i can recommend it.
“reductil by”
Written on: 14/10/2013.
Hello, I started Reductil at the start of the year. For the first six weeks I lost 7 kilos. Not alot but I only had 10 to 15 to loose and towards the end I was also a little irregular taking them because I would forget and get to work before I remembered. It worked for me, it was not addictive, it had no unwanted side effects. I have ordered online by and i’ve received my order from UK in 12 days. no complaints,i’m really satisfied of the result and delivery service… Read Full Review.
Shazza70’s Comment.
Written on: 13/04/2015.
Were can i get these from its banned in the uk.
Written on: 26/03/2013.
I used Reductil back in 2003. I found it really effective in curbing my appetite. I was always thirsty and sometimes feeling anxious, as I feel my heartbeat is faster than normal. Sleep was another problem. I was awake more than usual, hence my eyebags were very prominent. I didn’t mind these effects, because I was noticing that I was losing weight. Until ——– I woke up one morning with fever, then saw measles-like spots on my legs and arms. My muscles were sore. My legs were… Read Full Review.
Written on: 01/02/2013.
for about 3 years and find their products to be reliable and speedily delivered. The Support team are very promt and helpful in solving any issues that arise,caused by my errors not the company’s. I was a little sceptical initially about buying generic products rather than brand names. However, the Mens’ Health products I have bought have been equally as efficatious as the brand names at a fraction of the cost.II have used www… Read Full Review.
Decebal122’s Comment.
Written on: 23/02/2013.
Jess Sweet : hey, I’m also ordering reductil and receive it under different names as it’s a generic version. Generic pills actually have different names in dependence of the manufacturers. So trimZ is just another generic name of reductil.
How long do you use reductil and what’s your success rate?
“Sibutramine 15mg”
Written on: 29/01/2013 by mixMZ (1 review written)
anyone interested in Sibutramine 15mg – good price – oryginal tablets contact me directly [email protected]… Read Full Review.
Beansmeds’s Response to mixMZ’s Review.
Written on: 01/02/2013.
for about 3 years and find their products to be reliable and speedily delivered. The Support team are very promt and helpful in solving any issues that arise,caused by my errors not the company’s. I was a little sceptical initially about buying generic products rather than brand names. However, the Mens’ Health products I have bought have been equally as efficatious as the brand names at a fraction of the cost.II have used meds4u.
Eliona’s Response to mixMZ’s Review.
Written on: 05/07/2014.
please let me your phone number to contact you. i live in dublin and i am really interested by silbutramine 15mg. thank you.
“Reductil Slimming Pill”
Written on: 07/10/2012.
Hi, if anyone is interested in Reductil from a reliable source, 100% genuine please contact me. Thanks… Read Full Review.
Cocker1’s Comment.
Written on: 15/02/2013.
hi iam interested in purchsing these off you.have sent you a emailo but not sure you have got it.if you could contact me i would be very greatfull.been trying for ages to lose a few pounds iam not to much over weight just want to keep it at bay,also didnt want to get done on internet.
Happiehart’s Comment.
Written on: 19/04/2013.
Did u purchase these fromPatricia Sal? R u satisfied w/the product & results?
Deusadevas’s Comment.
Written on: 26/10/2013.
Hi there, send me an email to [email protected] so we can discuss your needs.
Nylahgirl’s Comment.
Written on: 17/02/2014.
Hi I am very interested in buying these reductio from you . Could you please tell me how much thanks. Tf.
Linda1981’s Comment.
Written on: 25/10/2013.
I’m taking Reductil 15mg for about 6 months and I have lost about 25KG.
I take a pill before my breakfast and my appetite is suppressed for the whole day.
I have no side effects but a dry mouth. I feel much better, more energetic and more attractive ūüôā
I have to lose some 8KG more and hope to manage doing it before Christmas.
“I agree that Reductil Slimming Pill is a very good”
Written on: 02/08/2012 by jenniferwilliam88 (17 reviews written)
I agree that Reductil Slimming Pill is a very good for weight reduction. Its important that you buy it from reliable source. I got it from and got a very good price and deliver free and on time, very nice services… Read Full Review.
“My mother got awesome results”
Written on: 29/07/2012 by Erikserge2010 (18 reviews written)
My mom is 60+ and now using diet pills is not actually suggested. She started using Reductil Slimming Pill, six months back and this time when I visited her, my goodness she was looking so lovely. She ordered it from and also got the delivery free. Thats a nice deal… Read Full Review.
“Thrilled to bits”
Written on: 19/07/2012 by Skytime (1 review written)
Day 3 of Reductil and can see the results already absolutely loving them hopefully my weight will fall off in no time. Also haven’t experienced any side effects which is great… Read Full Review.
“re reductil”
Written on: 13/06/2012.
Hi I live in the uk where reductil is no longer available. I havent ordered off the net. Can anyone recommend and company that will sell it and whom i can find ve reviews off as dont want to pay money for fakes. Many thanks… Read Full Review.
Susan250’s Comment.
Written on: 14/06/2012.
You can try buying from . I recently bought form there and I’m satisfied of Reductil genric they provided to me, you can ask there for any questions you have,.
Guest’s Comment.
Written on: 02/08/2012.
Tan-labs, I trust this site completely, bought so many things from them.
Susen067’s Comment.
Written on: 20/09/2013.
they no longer exist as i used to buy from tan labs and cannot find the website any more.
“Where to buy ?”
Written on: 15/04/2012 by Serenity13 (1 review written)
What online site did you purchase from I am desperate to obtain Reductil?… Read Full Review.
Suzane42’s Response to Serenity13’s Review.
Written on: 10/06/2015.
I love shopping my Reductil pills at this pharmacy. it’s always very fast and convenient. I appreciate their efficient service, high quality Reductil, fast delivery and of course the way they treat me as their customer. You should check this pharmacy out, I am sure you will find everything you are looking for.
“I Agreed with you !! ”
Written on: 12/04/2012.
Yes, I really hope that Reductil is back in the market .. I have taken other diet pills and all don’t work after Reductil was banned .. I was 60kg down to 55 kg after taking Reductil for 3 mths .. And was taking for 2years and maintain at 55kg .. No problem at All!! Now I am at 61kg .. Really upset . So how to get Reductil back and soon PLEASE!!… Read Full Review.
“bring it back please”
Written on: 19/02/2012.
I didn’t change my eating or drinking habits while taking Reductil Slimming Pill Naturally for me, my food intake was minimal.However it kick started my metabolism and I lost about 2 stone over a period of about 3 months.All the side affects of this drug, I already had. They disappeared in 2 days.Eg. itchy skin,headaches and sleeplessness.In fact they gave me an appetite.When I was hungry I had to eat there and then.Something I have not had for years.My skin was fantastic and my face looked… Read Full Review.
Guest’s Comment.
Written on: 22/02/2012.
I totally agree!! Same experience. Was taking 10mg and lost 2 and half stone- since stopping I have slowly gained 2 stone back despite excercising for at least an hour every day. My cholesterol is high now too which it never was before and I feel quite depressed about the situation. It stopped me snacking and I never felt too hungry, I had no side effects and my blood pressure was always good. I want it back too!!
“I used Reductil 10mg, as prescribed by my doctor, whom. ”
Written on: 02/04/2011.
I used Reductil 10mg, as prescribed by my doctor, whom I had to see monthly for blood pressure/weight checks. It worked brilliantly, slowly but surely with sensible eating and a strict exercise routine. Then the ban came and it was withdrawn much to my doctors dismay. He could not believe it as he felt the risks outwayed the benefits if sensibly prescribed. Thanks to basically some idiots (not all I’m sure) who shouldn’t have even taken it because of heart/blood pressure problems we are now… Read Full Review.
“Hi just wondering if anybody knows if reductil is yet. ”
Written on: 17/02/2011.
Hi just wondering if anybody knows if reductil is yet back on the Market ??… Read Full Review.
“I have been on Reductil 10mg for 10 days. So far I. ”
Written on: 16/02/2011.
I have been on Reductil 10mg for 10 days. So far I have lost 6kgs- which is . Heya All, I’m on day 4 of 10mg Reductil. i have lost 1.5kg for more details please go to… Read Full Review.
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