V-MAX 8000mg Herbal Enhancement – Too Good to be Natural.
Isn’t the market for male enhancers just about fully saturated? Well, I guess not, because here’s yet another nifty little product called V-Max Herbal . It’s straight from some lab in China and it’s supposedly 8000mg of 100% herbal goodness developed to fill the never ending need for more enhancement pills!
Being some weird crap from China, I suspected that it’s going to contain “undeclared substances”. My suspicions seem correct this time, because the product worked too good to be totally herbal.
If you have this product or are thinking of trying it, my advice is to use them at your own risk. Check the following links to see what the Australian Department of Health and the Malta Health Directorate has to say about V-Max. I’m in the US but apparently the FDA has not discovered them yet.
Product Description.
V-Max Herbal is marketed as a safe, all-natural male supplement.
The package says that it was made by Vmax International Co., Ltd. A Batch number of M09822T and an expiration date that reads 06-2017 were also provided.
One box contains four, blue, Viagra looking pills with an 8000mg mark on them.
As you can see, there’s some interesting ingredients listed here. Since I have never heard of things like Senmen Coicis and Jobs Tears, I thought that maybe they were made up. However, a quick search informed me that they are real names of plants and such. Senmen Coicis is a type of seed called Coix while Jobs Tears is a tropical plant native to parts of Asia.
My Results.
Reluctantly, I tried one capsule of V-Max and after about 30 minutes I started getting an erection – without any external stimulation. This is not normal . All-natural, herbal supplements do not typically work this way for me personally; some might even take a couple weeks to become fully useable by the body and only then will you notice results.
Not wanting to waste the erection though, sex soon followed.
During sex my erection stayed and stayed. It was also very strong . This was the kind of erection that you get when you’re in your late teens and early twenties – the kind that won’t go down no matter what.
One other thing that I noticed was that my face became very flushed . Redness to the face is common with products containing sildenafil or tadalafil and is something that I’ve experienced with only one or two other products.
Thankfully, I have no other side-effects to report. Sometimes when an enhancer works this well it might bring on a bad headache but that didn’t happen to me this time.
I’m fully aware of the fact that a lot of guys are taking the “blue pill” for fun, but I don’t usually partake in that sort of thing. When I buy a product that is supposed to contain natural ingredients then it should be natural and nothing else. There is also certain health risks associated with this stuff too; but I won’t go into that, you can Google it on your own.
I’m not convinced that this product contains any of the ingredients that the manufacturer says it does; therefore, I gave it a low “quality” rating.
Where did I get V-Max? I found my sample on eBay. It came in a small box of four pills – colored blue no less!
V-Max Herbal Enhancement.
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16 Responses to “V-MAX 8000mg Herbal Enhancement – Too Good to be Natural”
We don’t think this is still available. Please take a look at our other pill reviews (click here) that got 4 stars or more for a good alternative.
i am in israel . how can i buy :
V-MAX 8000mg Herbal Enhancement ?
We got our sample from Ebay but as a safer alternative we’d recommend checking a free sample of VigFX enhancers (click here).
Iam from Papua New Guinea and I really want to buy the product and how shall I purchase it and how long will it take for product arrive in my country.
We bought our review sample off of Ebay. You’ll have to check there to see if it’s still available.
Reads like a bad infomercial.
A bad infomercial for a bad product I guess! ?
do you know who can send me thees pills ?
thank you for reply /
If I remember correctly, we got ours from Ebay.com. I’m not sure if they still sell them or if they ship to Israel.
Hi, if you’re wondering where to get V-Max, try eBay but keep in mind that this stuff is not recommended by us.
Do you give out free trials , as I would be interested in this product , if so could you please send me one.
Sorry, no free samples. We actually bought V-Max just for the review and it’s not really recommended for the reasons listed in the article. If you want something just as potent and affordable then check out Dragon 2000 – click here. Please read our review and warnings before buying it though. Thanks for your interest!
I need a Jo daily maximizer enhancement cream .
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