Ranking member of musical group “VIA Gra” (27 photos)
2000-2003 Who was beginning to write poetry at age 5 in child same age took a serious business – personally made ​​dolls, and then sold tickets for relatives puppetry. Musical career beginning inadolescence – listened to a group of “Cinema”, learned to play guitar, sing their own songs and do in the full sense of the rock. Immediately prior to joining the “VIA Gra” sewed purses, worked as a secretary in an insurance company, was VJ and radio host. First band created Vinnitsa, called equally juicy and romantic – “The Last Unicorn.” (6 points) Role in the team Vinnytsia was the very first member of “VIA Gra”, the load to which the producer Dmitry Kostyuk chose to casting two more girls – Julia and Marina. However, in this part of the project remained on paper, Julia Marina were behind, and in a couple of Alena took Hope Granovsky. Since then, in fact, begins the legend. Allen was responsible for the vocals on Hope was nice to see – the classical division of labor in the music industry. The first album “Attempt number 5,” with the apparent position of the purest 2014 classic – entirely on the conscience of this duo. Although it is generally assumed gold composition “VIA Gra” Brezhnev Sedokova and Granovsky, dare bet: prohodnyaki variety art was first given battle is these women and it is on this album, there is no minor thing, all the songs, like pearls on a box of Cleopatra – by selection! (7 points) Who now.
Vinnytsia Ukraine has nothing to glorify her sexy band. And we should say that.
the actress solo career develops very successful: 8 albums, not bad (in the face of creativity Anna.
Sedokova altogether chic) ​​singles participated in the soundtrack for “Piranha”, a single spot on the.
power, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Recently Vinnytsia turned outwards: creating a capsule collection.
for the brand Gwen Stefani, called on Ukrainians to unite (quoting with Akhmatova: “But lay down in it and.
become it, that’s why we call this land his “), cancels tour in the Crimea, and participates in variouscharitable programs. (6 points) Sex Factor Extremely rarely laid bare so that the average man had time to check out all the charm, but also by what they see, you can draw some conclusions. Knows how to apply himself beautifully, but however hard you try – the Granovsky data clearly the situation is better.Advocates bodily cleanliness may confuse tattoo on the shoulder Alena with the other hand – for some it’s an extra positive argument. (6 points) Hope Granovskaya.
2000-2002, 2002-2006, 2009-2011 Who was Hot stuff from the Ukrainian village Zbruchovka by sending their young nude photos Konstantin Meladze and, of course, held casting. We are all humans, and who had not been picked up. Arriving in Kiev, the first time to communicate only with producers and Alain Vinnytsia. Meladze Sr. would later call her Mowgli in a woman’s appearance, since neither Russian nor Ukrainian speak then she really could not speak surzhik. (3 points) The role of a team called Hope Producer Kostyuk Meyher “main Viagra”, paying tribute to her seductive habit, Konstantin Meladze presented the new name for Granovskaya successful combination with the name of the project – and thatshe was destined to eventually become de facto face of the band, its mascot and long-liver. It is three times the soloist of “VIA Gra”, though after each departure and said it was for good. In totalottarabanivshaya about eight years at the Kiev pop plantation Granovskaya survived eventually Vinnitsa, Sedokova and other girls until Bushmina. The situation for such a cynical conveyor girls’ shower as “VIA Gra”, a truly unique: as they say, to Ilyich Ilyich without infarction and stroke. (10 points) Who now.
notice my care, and I look in the mirror with disdain and think you’re so ugly … “) recently starred in.
the romantic comedy Ukrainian continues to participate in the show reincarnation “One to one”, which.
gets used to the images Gurchenko Leontiev and preparing for a solo career – it will be, according to the artist,
something “with retro motifs, in the spirit of the 60s and with elements of Italy.” (3 points) Sex Factor One fact which immediately puts everything in its place, wearing a bra with nine years. (8 points) Tatiana Naynik.
in 2002 Who was Aboriginal peterburzhenka model and a graduate school of dog handlers at one time dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. In childhood engaged in artistic gymnastics and ballet, was thin and considered herself an ugly duckling. In the business model came with the help of native grandmother noticed the announcement of a beauty contest and send back granddaughter in show business – again thanks to the pictures posted Konstantin Meladze. Naynik says its twice invited to the group: the first time she went, considering the vulgar name, and song – incomprehensible. (4 points) Role in the team general backdrop Naynik seems actress second row – a figure completely lost among the chaperones. In the area of special male attention she had to stay only six months: Tatiana took the replacement of a bygone decree in Granovsky, and when she wanted to return, asked smenschitsy pull up stakes. As part of the group starred in a busty daphne videos to “Stop! Stop! Stop! “And« Good Morning, Daddy! “, And besides that was featured in the deluxe edition of the album “Attempt number 5.” For six months did not catch much, of course, but a full contribution to the development of “VIA Gra” is in any case not be called. Who now.
bloody regime of the Georgian tyrant Meladze. In moments of peace of mind could finish teaching.
in St. Petersburg, and now produces and sings at the same time in girl group Maybe. All the time, money and soul is invested in this project. (3 points) Sex Factor passion Tatiana does not hold, but in six months rasprobovat by eye and feel its shape Russian men hardly have time. Producer of ox-eyed Darkie certainly liked (otherwise the hell it was taking Ladi), but after shooting for Maxim magazine they claimed that her only from the group had to photoshop. (5 points) Anna Sedokova.
2002-2004 Who was In case Sedokova career before joining the group does not differ from the companions: a child loves music, good student in school, one five, my mother is overjoyed. In a more mature age job as a model, TV presenter and VJ – like Anna decided to try all kinds of jobs from the “Arts and Entertainment” recruiting sites. Even as a child knew that grows and is bound to become an actress – and failed. (7 points) role in the team was in a group only the second time, without passing first selection on the youngster. Difficult to imagine a team without history redhead Sedokova – if this meeting was organized in heaven, everything came together the most correct way. Largely due Sedokova same composition with Granovsky and Brezhnev admitted strongest, gold, diamond and most sultry in the history of the project. To understand what kind of contribution made ​​Sedokova enough to hear a couple of songs at random from the album , “Stop! Photographed “marking the anniversary today – talents will be disclosed unbuttoned gotovenkaya carried away. (9 points) Who now.
lives in Los Angeles, participates in Russian and Ukrainian TV show, produces her own clothing line,
record some songs, and removes any clips. Was married twice – for the player and Belkevich.
protagonist show “The Bachelor” Maxim Cherniavsky. Musically, alas, all extremely poor:
only a little bit catchy composition can be called a duet with Misha Krupin.
“unsafe”, but otherwise it is inferior to almost all its tovarka by the group departed in a solo.
binge. However, she is optimistic Anna and incite their detractors microblog: “I.
(as you think) just a silly girl with big tits, that’s why I red medal in school and.
graduated with honors in music, higher education, several business-generating projects pleasure and.
profit, a team of 20 people who loves me very much. ” (5 points) Sex Factor Anna – not just the most vigorous woman among those who have ever bared body parts to the public, it was said in the legendary movie film, and there is sex itself. Virgin goddess rounded features in all his grandeur shiny nudity. At the same time the singer is proud that all of her filmed in bra and underwear – nowhere, nowhere do we see completely naked Sedokova, byada-byada-mortification. (9 points) Vera Brezhnev.
2003-2007 Who was Another story from the category “invested in children from infancy – received a star on the output.” Gymnastics, karate, handball, music school, participate in school competitions and performances – the development was comprehensive, Vera tried to excel in everything. Changed life decomposed contest “Miss Dnipropetrovsk” – while there the beauty selections noticed producers “VIA Gra”, and she took her place as a result of Alena Vinnitsa. (5 points) Role in the team Along with Granovsky and Sedokova was the main creator of team success and her party of gold. That it is considered to be a typical “Viagra”, which starts with the men half-turn with one sweep of eyelashes: back then, in 2003, she gave the heart of a long memory, flew down like an autumn leaf. And not found a man who would have told her, “Stop! Stop! Stop! “. During 4 years of presence in the group Faith was created entire classical repertoire, without which neither can one normal corporate or bachelorette party. From “Kill my girlfriend” to “Deceive, but stay” through “Biology” and “Diamonds.” (7 points) Who now.
of the best songs of the new Russia “Love will save the world”, sverhuspeshnyh sentimental duet with Dan Balan,
honor and respect from listeners and critics, advertising contracts, leadership in all kinds of tops and.
rankings. Plank after leaving the group was set very high, and fit it will be harder.
and harder. Too strong was the initial application, but more fun to jump through their own deeds. (9 points) Sex-factor has been repeatedly recognized as the sexiest woman in Russia, the most stylish actress and icon of beauty. Art obliged to penetrate deeply into life, and therefore it is not surprising that sung by Faith “Sexy Bambina” for Russian citizens – that she is. Presumably very high percentage sightedofficially tilibonit on Faith without fear of any feature, neither God nor the Soviet regime. (8 points)Svetlana Loboda.
in 2004 Who was music school, pop-circus academy, the first Ukrainian musical about Maclay “Equator” – by all indications here afoot traditional story of the gradual entry into show business with an understanding of their own prospects as early as childhood. And Svetlana simple family: his father at the factory, mother energosnabzhenets, grandmother and grandfather opera singer-KGBshnik, develop a plan to overthrow Batista in the Cuban jungle. “VIA Gra” was not the first serious experience in career Loboda – before she sang in a trio “Cappuccino” and personally created the group “Catch.” Loboda may be the most prepared for the moment of arrival in the “VIA Gra” actress – and lepi take no extra cost. (7 points)role in the team is now about Svetlana in the context of the group rarely mentioned – not so long it lasted as “VIA Gra “, only some 4 months. Within that time, not breadth razverneshsya, showmanship not show even loud quarreling – and it will not work. So it turns out that show the face of eternity can only clip”Biology” and shooting in the musical “Sorochinskaya Fair” where Meladze was the devil, and parodist Galtsev – pop. (2 points) Who now.
freed from the shackles of the old and recorded his first solo single – not a month ago! For this success, for.
which it would not be ashamed and Lady Gaga, Svetlana was long and hard, in parallel doing mundane.
things: participate in “Eurovision 2009” social action suit and fought against domestic violence,
coached children in Ukrainian show “The Voice” , released his own clothing line. Worthy of the songs were.
a lot, but there was one truly stellar – released in 2012, “40 degrees.” Absolutely.
bombicheskogo level high precision and handmade shtukentsiya. Beat is under force unless.
Brezhnev, the rest in the repertoire of cover nothing. (8 points) Sex Factor Habit outstanding, relief, grasping hands clearly appreciate the scale and scope. But somehow in all too Svetlana – sometimes scary. Like a golem animated, instead of using magic formulas random lines from women’s glossy magazine. (4 points) Albina Dzhanabaeva.
2004-2012 Who was a child wanted to be a doctor one day and dripped into the nose to one boy, his first love, a few drops of cologne from a cold. Without music school and music school is also not done. Moving to 17 – year-old in Moscow, studied in Gnesinka, starred in commercials and movies. In the famous team of Albina came directly from Korea – it pulled out from the musical Snow White, in which she played a major role, and in the Korean language. (5 points) Role in the team Tatyana Kotova after leaving the group stated that there Albina is in a privileged position because of its connection with Valery Meladze. Strictly speaking, all activities Dzhanabaeva in the “VIA Gra” for millions of housewives is passed under this sign – taken from Valera, he says, and so would have no zhist not made ​​it. Started out as a backing singer, then became a full replacement for Svetlana Loboda and debut new status occurred in the video for “Peace, which I did not know before you.” (6 points) Who now.
independent people with their own point of view on the events. Dzhanabaeva worked in the.
group for about eight years until its official closing in January 2013, there is only comparable experienceat Hope Granovsky. (5 points) Sex Factor As the yellow headers, which contain only one naked truth, to “VIA Gra” Dzhanabaeva have not had a nose, breasts and figure. As such, even the status of the beloved pop mechanics Meladze Jr. not helped to get through the group – these are the cruel laws effective in show business. In the current state of Albina B. quite hot, but the soul as if it does not start to sing. (6 points) Kristina Kotz-Gotlib.
in 2006 Who was Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics model from a family of Volga Germans, a permanent member Ukrainian beauty contests “Miss Donbass-2003,” a man of flexible views and the same body. Brief “viagratsionny” experience was for Christina just astonishing flash on the path of life, but no matter what by and large not affected. (5 points) The role of a team in the group lasted for about 3 months – is the shortest in the entire watch long history sekspluatatsionnogo band. Even Loboda, which is going to win the argument red convertible at reaching a six-month part-time, worked longer Kotz Gottlieb – 4 months! German woman after taking care Granovsky and the contract was signed for 5 years, but after the release of the video for the song “Lie, but stay” she was given the heave-ho. As she says Christina, producers just stopped answering her phone calls. Dmitry Kostyuk later said that the singer was blown away after the first concert and she began to ask for a five-figure sum “I want to be like Britney Spears.” (1 point) Who now.
scanty. In 2009 represented Ukraine in the final of “Miss Universe 2009”, at the beginning of this year.
was interrupted mediablokada release of their debut single «Trust Your Heart». (2 points) Sex Factor hair below priests, feet from the ears, the model background is – I was torn from life close inescapable beauty.Here the picture is clear, red Odessa: magazines with Christina on the cover should be limited to sell outflooring in the stalls “Sayuzdruk . ” (6 points) Olga Koriagina.
2006-2007 Who was “Miss Pontic-2001” to participate in the “VIA Gra” never engaged in singing. Born in the Ukrainian city of Nikolayev, from musical affairs was as far as the people of the Decembrists, worked as a model for fashion shows and photo shoots. (3 points) The role of a team to compete for a place with Hope Granovsky blonde Christina Kotz-Gottlieb, after a long casting her lost and upset, went home. But Christina was not able to fully enjoy the success: two months later the producers drove a proud daughter coal magnate and took the team brunette Korjagin. Olga, by the way, too, was a temporary phenomenon too: time to weigh in videos “L. ML “and” Flower of the knife, “and then left the group by the standard because women – pregnant. It was then she was paid maternity biggest in the history of “VIA Gra” – $ 10,000. (3 points) Who now.
beauty contests. On stage now goes by the name of Olga Romanov, and launched a solo career.
only last fall. Although Max Fadeev’s going to take for her six years ago, to give her songs.
authorship his brother’s wife (singer monokini) and blow up so the music market. Not undertaken, not.
detonated. And Olga’s also failed. (4 points) Sex Factor Olga with dimensions, of course, everything is in order – man gasp, kryaknet child. Similar to Parker Posey or grown up version of singer Elvira T – however small it is, but a plus; breath at the sight of Olga no catches – is a minus. (5 points) Meseda Bagaudinova.
2007-2009 Who was born in Grozny, grew up in Kislovodsk, studied in Rostov-on-Don, performed at corporate in Rostov police as part of the local group “Dreams.” In short, a serious musical experience was at Madame Bagaudinova before infusion “VIA Gra”. (5 points) role in the collective return Granovsky first knocked out of the saddle Tatiana Naynik then – Meseda Bagaudinova. However, those eighteen months, which Meseda held the status of Viagra – a very good time for the second half of the soloists zero. Meseda itself in due time came to place in a bygone decree Olga Koryagina and successfully closed the gap little black member of the team. In her presence, “VIA Gra” recorded genius “Kisses”, “Emancipation” and a few songs less catchy nature. If heaven Meseda was destined to pair with Dzhanabaeva sing “higher love, the lower kisses” and no more rational activity itself spotting, you should recognize that mission accomplished. (5 points) Who now.
dismissal. No success new songs Avar Angelina Jolie did not bring, but she did not give up and.
believes that the chance to shoot her exactly the same as at the time had Brezhnev.
Indeed, the only thing to do – find an author who writes as quickly as possible bomb level.
“Love will save the world.” I sang Vadim Baikov in a similar situation: “I do not hit, it’s vacant.” (3.
points) Sex Factor Eastern roughness, sweet curves – Meseda able to bring to any fall. (6 points) Tatyana Kotova.
2008-2010 Who was Diploma – economist and crisis manager, in fact – “Miss Russia-2006” of the miner’s family participated in beauty contests since childhood (the first title – “Miss Autumn-98” was thirteen age) . Unlike chaperones for the group never considered herself an ugly duckling and his school years, signing autographs excited boys. (4 points) Role in the team in March 2008 replaced Vera Brezhnev and immediately landed on the shooting of the video “I’m not afraid.” Next were «Emancipation», «antigen” and “Crazy” – not the last thing in the works of “VIA Gra”. Passionate blonde Kotova looked close to hitting on her partner does not watch the lost sheep, and very worthy, and because ottrubila for two years. Let see her chant at least the word “mu” on the screen was impossible, but it is well to carry out arts and crafts also be able to function. Left the group because of the desire to realize their creative abilities through. (3 points) Who now.
men are doing “, started a solo career with songs written by Irina Dubtsova” He “in 2010. It took.
four years, Tatiana has not stood still, and were filled with other songs, but you know about them exactly.
the same as on the said composition “He”. (3 points) Sex Factor Beautiful woman Tatiana, very beautiful.More beautiful than her, do you think, “VIA Gra” and there was none. Build your camp, as church candles, your eyes – swords piercing gaze. No, in general, claims, one admiring. (8 points) Eva Bushmina.
2010-2012 Who was an old bird is not easily frightened, Jan Shvets decided to link their fate with the music long before “VIA Gra”. Was in urozhenitsy Luhansk region and his solo project Lucky, and participation in Ukrainian “Star Factory-3” under the direct supervision of Konstantin Meladze and dancing in the ballet The Best, TV presenter and work. However, in order to scale to express themselves, it took a little break and change everything in the name of “VIA Gra”. Childhood friend Nastya Kamensky had already managed to thunder at all EurAsEC Customs Union with Potapov – Eve urgently required to catch up to this level. (4 points) Role in the team right while participating in the TV show “Star Factory.Superending. “Announced early withdrawal from the project and moved to “VIA Gra”, replacing it Tatyana Kotova. The case went to the once glorious sunset maiden team and Bushmina managed to take part in only three releases: “Get out,” “A Day Without You” and “Hello, Mom!”. Weather not done, but did not spoil the overall calico – given that the group existed in the mode fading sinusoid demand more would be sacrilege. (5 points) Who now.
independent pop unit. To debut were connected fashionable people new Ukrainian music: the author of.
the song “Him” was the singer Dmitry Monatik and sound producer – soloist project The Maneken Eugene.
Filatov. In addition to promoting their own creativity involved in the show “Yak dvi krapli” where.
reincarnated in Rihanna and Christina Aguilera. (5 points) Sex Factor Something at Kate Hudson or even higher, that is not for everybody. However, titles like “Eva Bushmina flashed it “flashed on the internet quite often, and hence such a nature lovers just exist to doubt it is not necessary. (6 points) Santa Dimopoulos.
2011-2012 Who was world champion in Greco-fitness of the Assyrian-Ukrainian family, a graduate of the Law Faculty, event manager, a dance teacher, model and television presenter. In short, multi-talented individual with outstanding appearance. And without “VIA Gra” would not disappeared, too good basic parameters. (7 points) role in collective Ukrainian graduate of the third season of “American Idol” came a year before the close of the project, replaced Hope Granovsky and participate only in the song “Hello, Mom!.” Who now.
official closing of the group. Currently released only one single, «When We Move», not gained.
much success (except for such status “Ukrainian Nicole Scherzinger” in comments.
posted on the Internet clip). That has to kiss the dolphins, go for the third time married and.
upload erotic photos in instagram, incidentally quarreling with Anna Sedokova and sharing with her ​​men.(2.
points) Sex Factor Swarthy and inflated athlete, trim figure, elastic forms – Monsieur Meladze was an expert in increments. Oriental flavor, as in the case with Meseda Bagaudinova – Sharman is what! (7 points) So, a summary rating (however, with the results you may disagree): 13. Christina Kotz-Gottlieb (14 points) 12. Olga Koriagina (15 points) 11. Tatiana Naynik (16 points) 10. Santa Dimopoulos (17 points) 9.Tatyana Kotova (18 points) 8. Meseda Bagaudinova (19 points) 7. Eva Bushmina (20 points) 6. Svetlana Loboda (21 points) 5. Albina Dzhanabaeva (22 points) 4. Hope Granovskaya (24 points) 3. Alain Vinnytsia (25 points) 2. Vera Brezhnev (29 points) 1. Anna Sedokova (30 points)