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Follow Your Heart.
Posted in Uncategorized on Nov 7th, 2013.
[Translator’s note: the key word in this article is . which generally refers to “sincerity” (Yiddish: ehrnstkeit). Since it has a number of different nuances it has been translated variably here as “sincere, buy ” “simple, decease ” “innocent” or “naïve” depending on the context. Similarly, . has been translated as “wisdom” or “shrewdness.” For […]
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Curing Dissociative or Split Personality Disorder.
Posted in Uncategorized on Oct 8th, 2013.
The verse in Jeremiah states, web “I have surely heard Ephraim complaining.”[1] Chassidut explains that someone complains because they have found in their psyche two opposite impulses. The simplest such impulses are known as the good and evil inclinations. Even when one learns Tanya, and reads that one has both a Divine soul and an […]
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From Nothing…
In Hebrew, viagra sale the question “where [am I/are you] from?” (. ) contains the answer. “Where from?” literally reads “from nothing.” The first appearance in the Torah of the question “where from?” is in the story of Jacob on his way to Haran, help about to meet and fall in love (at first sight) with […]
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Waving the Flag of Torah.
Consummate service of God unites meditation (919), diagnosis prayer (515), and action (415). They complement one another. Together, 1849 = 43^2. Meditation connects mind to heart. Prayer connects heart to mouth. Action connects mouth (in the Torah speaking is action) to hands. There is something special about hands. When lifted, they ascend above the head […]
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Rebuilding our Inner and Outer Worlds.
The Temple Mount’s Western Wall is called the Wailing Wall because people come to pray there and cry. In the future every tear will rejoice. In time of exile all gates to Heaven are locked except for the Gates of Tears. Our mother Rachel cries for her children in exile. Rachel = 2 times “tear.” […]
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Complementary Numbers.
“Love truth and peace” = 853. Mashiach = 358 – two complementary numbers. Light = 207, Shabbat = 702. Shabbat is the day of light. Rachel = 238, the Land of Israel = 832. Rachel symbolizes the Land of Israel. Leah = 36. Chanah = 63. Both personify understanding in Kabbalah. Samuel, Chanah’s son, is […]
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Jacob, David, their Enemies, and the Mashiach.
God saved Jacob from his father-in-law Lavan, viagra 100mg his brother Esau, website like this and his “son-in-law” Shechem (his daughter’s rapist), three generations. Jacob is the all-inclusive Jewish soul. From him we learn that each of us has an enemy in the previous, this, and the next generations. The common denominator of the three […]
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Spiritual Photosynthesis: Torah Color Theory.
Photosynthesis harvests the sun’s energy. It is the biological process that transforms light into life. Much can be learnt from it. Both blue and red light activate photosynthesis, approved but red light works better than blue light. Why is this so and what can we learn from it? Because of its higher frequency a blue […]
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Chemistry Lesson.
The 4 elements of the ancients, information pills fire-air-water-earth, visit correspond to the 4 modern elements, carbon-oxygen-hydrogen-nitrogen, respectively. The element of earth is the power of growth in the earth, primarily nitrogen. Our atmosphere is a mixture, 3 parts earth to 1 part air. Coals are carbon – fire. Diamonds are concentrated carbon – fire. […]
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Slave of Slaves.
Noah was a “complete tzadik.” A tzadik clings to truth, order is consistent. Thus Noah was both complete and consistent, web but in a confined system. Shneur Zalman (the first Rebbe of Chabad) = “complete tzadik” (said of Noah). He was complete and consistent, in a larger system than Noah’s. After the deluge Noah planted […]
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