My Canadian Pharmacy Beginner’s Guide To Ordering.
Straight off the bat – you don’t need to be a registered shopper to place orders at My Canadian Pharmacy, but it surely pays down the road to have an account with our service. This will save your time and efforts you would otherwise spend filling out the boxes; money, too, as you receive discount codes and sales alerts directly to your inbox. Plan your shopping beforehand at your ease so as not to overlook anything.
Ordering protocol at My Canadian Pharmacy is as easy as one, two, three. Start off by check the items off your shopping list by sending them to your shopping cart, check it up, give your info, pay and receive the order confirmation. Here is a simple algorithm of how it is done, and below you will find details of several important points that are usually a concern with e-customers of basically every online store.
4 Easy Steps.
When you find an item in the categories in the left menu, click Buy or Add to Cart. If you want more than one, enter the number in the box next to it will be added as many as you want right in the shopping cart. The Cart is located at top right of the page and you can also see how many products you have ordered.
When you are done with your order, click on Checkout in your shopping cart.
Fill in your personal information. The boxes marked with an asterisk sign are mandatory to fill in for the order to be approved.
Click Submit to confirm the order using the button down to the right. It will automatically be sent an email to your mailbox with a confirmation of your order.
Should there show up any problems, please contact us and we will help you.
Consider Special Offers.
To take your economy effort with My Canadian Pharmacy Rx one step further, think about ordering in bulk. For orders starting from $150 we have special offers that will increase your savings. Here’s how you can benefit from our special offers:
Spend $150,00 and you will get a free delivery by regular airmail; Spend $200,00 and you will qualify for a free shipping insurance ($4.95 worth) to guarantee a free reshipping in case shipping service fails to deliver your order or mishandles it; Spend $300,00 get your order shipped for free with Express Courier (U.S. customers only).
Choose Shipping Method.
On the checkout page, you can check that everything is correct in the shopping cart and make any changes / remove items. When you are satisfied, select the delivery method. Currently, there are two options to choose from:
Regular Airmail (10-21 days) at $15,00 Express Courier (8-14 days) at $25,00.
Mind that Express Courier is only available for orders from U.S.
Provide Shipping Details.
Personal information is information linked to you. Since personal data includes all kinds of information that directly or indirectly linked to a private individual. When shopping with My Canadian Pharmacy platform, you should rest assured that your personal information is always protected with us. We are proponents of personal privacy. We give priority to the protection of all information you entrust to us and follow the laws and rules that exist to protect your privacy. Only a limited number of persons with specific authorization have access to the information.
My Canadian Pharmacy processes personal data in order to manage the customer relationship. Some of the data we are also required to submit to the authorities. We may also use the information we have about you to provide relevant information on and marketing of our own, My Canadian Pharmacy and specially selected partner products and services. When personal data are disclosed for managing on My Canadian Pharmacy’s behalf made under a contract with the undertaking of secrecy.
You have the right to request records of the information about you that My Canadian Pharmacy currently possesses. This is free if you do it only once per year. You can also request that information be removed or changed if they would be inaccurate or incomplete, or that your information will not be used for direct marketing.
Pay For Your Online Purchases Safely.
When you shop online, you can pay in different ways. Check what payment options are and what they mean before you decide what payment method that suits you best. What payment options available can vary from site to site and payment methods have different advantages and disadvantages. It should always be clear on the websites how a purchase is done. You should know what steps you have to go through before you enter into a contract and when you become bound to the purchase. Read the terms of the agreement before entering into an agreement. It says the payment options available, when and how you get your product, what happens if you change your mind or if there is something wrong with your item. Currently, My Canadian Pharmacy Rx offers two payment methods: credit card payment (we accept Master Card and Visa) and eCheck (or electronic check).
In order to fulfil the payment, you will be redirected to the billing service. It is a simple and safe method. For you to be sure that the information cannot be read by someone else, the website is encrypted. The signs indicating that the page is encrypted by the URL begins with “https” instead of “http”. If there is a picture of a padlock in the address bar also shows that the company has an extra secure website. Check your bank statement to ensure that the correct amount is deducted after you have paid. Never give out your card number on an unencrypted page or in an email message.
An eCheck is the same as a printed check, but as the name suggests, it is an electronic version of it. In many cases, the processing time for eCheck takes as long as clearing a paper check — about three to four days. Remember that when you send money via eCheck as a payment for goods or services that you are waiting for, the items will not be sent until the check clears. To use this payment method, you will need a PayPal account.
Check For A Confirmation Email.
Proceed checking your incoming mail. There should be an email from My Canadian Pharmacy Rx with your order confirmation. It will indicate that the payment has successfully gone through and we have accepted your order. The items ordered will be shipped within 1-4 working days after the order placement depending on item(s) availability in stock. To check your order status, log in to your Canadian Pharmacy personal cabinet and look in the respective section.
Please save your confirmation email in case you need to reference it in any correspondence with our Customer Support service should any questions regarding your current order arrive.
Contact Us In Case Anything Is Unclear.
We hope that the information above will help you order more efficiently and feel more secure about your My Canadian Pharmacy Rx experience in general. You can always reach us via our Contact page if you have any unattended concerns left. We are also open to your suggestions as for any improvement to our services or product range.