Magnum Tonic Wine breaches alcohol marketing rules for hinting at increased sexual performance.
A drink called Magnum Tonic Wine has breached rules on alcohol marketing for claiming it could make the drinker better in bed.
The Portman Group’s Independent Complaints Panel rapped the product for “suggesting an association with sexual success and enhancement of physical capabilities”.
The panel started its investigation after one receiving one complaint from a member of the public.
It said the name and product packaging, featuring an image of a naked couple embracing, associated the brand with sexual success which is banned under the Portman Group Code.
It added that the packaging reference to Vigorton, a vitamin ingredient marketed for improving stamina, “associated the brand with the enhancement of sexual capabilities”, which is also banned.
Magnum Tonic Wine is made in Jamaica and was imported into the UK by a company called Flying Trade.
It was available from a small number of Tesco stores but has now been withdrawn from shelves.
Henry Ashworth, chief executive of the Portman Group, said: “It is not acceptable for products to make links with sexual success or enhancement of physical capabilities in this way. We are pleased that Tesco immediately withdrew the product from sale.”
A Retailer Alert Bulletin has been issued which instructs licensees and retailers not to place orders for Magnum Tonic Wine in its current form after 15 April 2012.
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