There is a reason why there are so many baby bottle brands now a days! Each bottle is designed to cater to mom & baby’s different needs. Some moms decide to bottle feed along with breast feeding babies for more convenience such as having their partner feed the baby when mom is away. You can either decide to breast feed exclusively and still use a bottle for the pumped milk or introduce formula along with breast milk by using the bottle as well. Either way you will need a bottle ?
Some babies experience nipple confusion when switching between the bottle and the breast. Some baby brands took this issue into consideration and designed bottles that are very close to the shape of the mother’s breast. Having a bottle as such decreases the issue of nipple confusion. Also, most of the baby bottles have venting systems to reduce the amount of air in the bottle itself and reduce colic in babies.
It is definitely advised to feed your baby breast milk from the breast as much as you can during the first period (3 weeks) till he/she fully gets the hang of breast feeding and has a correct latch , then you can introduce the bottle. Also, since the milk flow of the bottle is faster than the breast and doesn’t require much effort to suck ,babies tend to get lazy when they are fed from the breast again and need to work for the milk ?
What to Consider When Using a Baby Bottle:
1. Material of the bottle (BPA Free & natural material that are chemical free)
Some baby brands such as AVENT, TOMME TIPPEE, and DR. BROWN have the.
option of glass bottles. It is safer in terms of material when in contact with baby food. Most glass bottles have a sleeve protector to cover the bottle which prevents it from breaking. Always watch out when putting hot food/liquids in plastic containers or any other material that may contain chemicals and is not heat proof.As for the bottle being BPA free, the majority of them are now a days, but it is just something to keep in mind. what is BPA.
2. Sterilizing & Cleaning.
It is recommended to sterilize a baby’s bottle after each use till your baby is one year old. Make sure the sterilizer you buy is a good fit for the baby bottle you chose. It doesn’t have to be the same brand. I do not recommend sterilizers that are used in the microwave. Microwaves themselves aren’t really safe for baby food so add sterilizing a baby bottle to the list and it is disastrous to the health! Take into consideration the material of the bottle as well and if it is suitable to be sterilized. Bottles such as Playtex Drop ins do not need to be sterilized since the drop ins are pre-sterilized and the bottle it self should not undergo heat as it will burst. As for cleaning choose a bottle that is easy to clean and doesn’t have many small compartments for the milk to easily slide its way in an increase bacterial. Also, bottles that are wider are much easier to clean than the ones that are more narrow.
Nowadays most bottles have 3 different nipple flow sizes ( slow – 0 to 3m , medium- 3 to 6m , and fast 6m+ ) you want to get a bottle brand that is easy to find in stores, incase you lost a bottle or you need the bigger sized nipples for when your baby grows older and just incase you lost one and you need a replacement. It is not very convenient to change bottle brands after you have introduced the bottle to your baby, since some babies might reject it.
4. Mimics the breast.
There are a few bottle brands that are designed based on the mother’s breast to make it easier to shift between bottles and breast feeding. These bottles usually have a wide nipple base, or a smooth texture and light weight to make it easier for baby to hold the bottle at a later stage. Most of them come with a variety of nipple shapes for the bottle in order to make it easier for your baby to latch on the bottle. You can select which one suits your baby best.
Consider the weight of the bottle and the fact that your baby will need to start holding the bottle unaided starting 8months+. A heavy bottle filled with milk will make it harder for him/her. Most bottles have 2 sizes 4oz and 8 oz, first few weeks you will most probably use 4 oz then switch to 8 oz. Most parents feel that it is not necessary to buy 2 bottle sizes and instead fill the 8 oz half way, however the small sized bottles are easier to carry and lighter but definitely not necessary ?
*TIP: Get your baby used to room temperature milk. It will be much easier not to heat the milk every time he needs a bottle. Especially if you are alternating between breast milk and formula. Heating when you are traveling and making sure it is not too hot or too cold can be a hassle.
What Are the Top 15 Baby Bottles?
2. Avent (avent breast pump recommended with this bottle)
10. Medela (Medela Breast pump recommended with this bottle)
11. Chicco nature Glass Bottle.
12. Life factory Glass bottles.
13. Kleen Kid Kanteen stainless steel bottle.
More details about each bottle:
1. Playtex ® Drop In Liners – The One for Moms-on-the-go.
This bottle/nurser is convenient for mom on-the-go and who are breastfeeding. The pre sterilized drop in bags are disposable which makes it easier to clean the bottles. The drop in are design to reduce colic by collapsing to prevent milk and air from mixing together.This means less gas and discomfort for your baby. Playtex also have a variety of bottle nipples to make it easier for mom to find the perfect match for their babies. You do not need to sterilize these bottles after feeding since the drop in bags are pre-sterilized. As for the nipples you sterilize them the first time you use them by putting them in boiling water and allowing the water to cool for 5 mins. After each feeding just wash with warm water and baby bottle soap.
2. Avent – The Traditional One.
This bottle is great because it is available everywhere! The Avent traditional bottle has a wide shape that makes it easy for baby to hold and for moms to clean. Also available in Pink color and Blue color. They have the glass option as well. Avent has a newer range of baby bottle called “Natural” that makes bottle feeding more natural for your baby and you. The nipple features an innovative petal design for natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding. Avent breast pump recommended with this bottle for more convenience.
3. Dr. Brown – The One with The Optional Venting System.
Dr browns bottle is the market’s first bottle that can be used with or without the vent system. It is designed to grow with baby and we just love products that change to adapt to baby’s needs. During baby’s first months you can keep the vent system in order to reduce colic , then you can remove the vent system as the baby gets older and his feeding gets more developed. Bottles are BPA free and made in USA. Glass option is available as well along with wide neck options.
Why A Mother Journal loves it:
This bottle is designed to mimic breast feeding and reduce nipple confusion for breast feeding moms who alternate between breast and bottle. It is very soft as well and has a wide nipple.Its wide neck allows you to clean it easily without a brush. Made of 100 percent safe hygienic medical grade silicone. Dual anti colic vents prevent unwanted air-intake and reduce colic. Comotomo is also s afe in microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers.
5. Tommee Tippee – The One Made for Breast and Bottle Feeding Moms.
Why A Mother Journal loves it:
Tommee Tippee mainly have 2 bottle options : 1)Easi-Vent ™ Feeding Bottle & 2)Advanced Comfort™ Baby Bottle.
Easi-Vent™ ideally for a natural latch and smooth transition from breast to bottle.
With Closer to Nature Bottles, switching between breast and bottle feeding becomes easier than ever before. Its design mimics the breast’s natural flex,stretch and movement.
Advanced Comfort™ Baby Bottle.
Colic in infants may be caused by a combination of influences including ingesting air during feeding. The helps reduce air bubbles in the milk and to encourage a good latch-on to help reduce the risk of baby ingesting air during feeding.Bottles are made from polypropylene (PP). Nipple made from silicone and they are BPA free.
see video here:
6. – The One for Formula Fed Babies)
The innovative bottle for parents who formula feed. Perfect for when you’re out and about, on a plane or even those midnight feeds. You add the amount of formula milk you need into the dispenser, attach it to the bottle and fill with water. Then when you’re ready to feed, just plunge and shake. BPA, Phthalates and PVC free and is dishwasher friendly. It comes in one size 7oz.
I have read a few reviews about this bottle that said that you cant actually twist the formula dispenser without clicking it which causes the milk to mix with water and kind of defeats the purpose ? so i have attached a video to make things easier.
7. Mimijumi – The One that Mimics the Breast.
This bottle is self explanatory. With its colors & texture being so close to nature it is easy to transition from breast to bottle. The bottle nipple is made from one piece which makes it easier to clean since there are no tiny spaced for bacteria to hide in. It also come with an eye catchy colored nipple cap to cover the bottle with.It is top rack dishwasher safe and BPA+latex free.It also comes in 2 sizes with cute names not that hungry: 4oz & Very Hungry: 8oz)
8. Munchkin Latch bottle – The One Made for A Better Latch.
I have previously expressed my love to all Munchkin Products ? and definitely had to mention their bottle.
The Munckin latch bottle won the best baby bottle award in 2015. This bottle has an accordion style nipple that rotates and stretches as the baby moves his/her head during feeding.This allows baby to have a proper LATCH and thus decreasing air indigestion.The anti-colic valve at the bottom insures a correct milk flow and doesn’t allow air bubbles to travel through the milk.Available in 4 & 8oz.
9. 5 phases bottle – The One for Eco-Friendly Mom.
Why A Mother Journal loves it:
The “interchangeable glass insert concept” is pretty unique.The recyclable translucent plastic sleeve guards against breakage .This bottle is very eco friendly and material safe.Glass really is the safest option when it comes to children and especially babies.You can buy additional glass inserts for an affordable price, and they can be used to store breast milk, and babe food as well which makes them eco friendly!
This bottle is ideal for breast feeding moms that occasionally introduce the bottle. Medela brand is well known for their iconic breast pumps that I highly recommend.They have different breast pump options (single manual,single electric , and double electric) some of their pumps packages include the bottles as well. So, if you chose their pumps you wont even need to buy the bottles. The bottles adapt perfectly with the pump and can be used as milk storage containers as well since they include a bottle lid & nipple.
11. Chicco Nature Glass Bottle – The Affordable One.
Chicco is a well known baby brand and has existed for many years. It has a variety of baby bottles. This brand is very well known that you can even find its products at a supermarket. Chicco’s Nature glass bottle speaks for itself. Made 100% from clear glass which is again the best baby food container.It is also BPA free ofcourse.
12. Life factory Glass bottles – The One for Multiple Usage.
These bottles are adorable! that is why we have dedicated a whole post just to talk about them in details.
They are glass bottles and come in 2 different sizes. They also come with a silicone colorful sleeve/protector to prevent the bottle from easily breaking. Part of Lifefactory’s concept is “From Cradle to Table” as in this bottle grows with your family. The same bottle can be used a milk bottle, sippy cup, and then a snack container by just replacing the lid.
13. Kleen Kid Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle – The Reusable One.
They are safe to use and toxin free.The bottle’s wide mouth allows easy cleaning,pouring,and filling. Measuring bar on the inside and outside making it easy to measure milk.Double venting system to reduce colic. This bottle is recyclable and reusable as well with replacing the top part to change it into a regular bottle. We Just love bottles that have a purpose!
14. Bittylab Bare Air-Free – The One that Works Like the Breast.
“Your breasts don’t have air-vents, why should baby bottles”Designed and created by a mom that felt the need to introduce an air free baby bottle because of the difficulties her son was having while nursing. It works like a syringe,and allows you to expel air & keeps it out. Minimizes air ingestion while feeding to help prevent gas and colic. Its wide nipple base also mimics the breast and allows you to alternate comfortably between breast and bottle since it works likes the breast ?
15. Think Baby – The One that Transforms.
This bottle is another example of a multi purpose bottle. It transform into a sippy cup when your baby is ready for stage 2. Ofcourse it is BPA and any harmful chemical FREE and that is one of the reasons why we love it. The nipple features a cross design which prevents spill and also mimics the breast allowing your baby to nurse/work for the milk. This bottle’s venting system is created in the nipple leaving less pieces to clean and allowing the venting system to be as natural as possible.Dishwasher safe since it is stainless steel.
AND THERE YOU HAVE IT MOMMIES! The top 15 bottles by A Mother Journal. Stay Tuned for more posts on Top baby products and Reviews.
About the Founders:
Lifefactory was founded in 2007 by a pediatric feeding specialist,Pam Marcus and a designer ,Daren Joy. They wanted to develope a baby bottle line that was both health minded and design-forward. They have now extended their line to include more products within their brand image.
Why We Love Lifefactory:
All their products are safe to use and are made from safe material for food and beverage contact and especially baby food.They are BPA/BPS free.
Their products are mainly made of glass which is safe to use,recyclable,easy to clean, and delivers the best taste.
To make their glass products easier to use around children they have a silicone sleeve that wraps around the product.The sleeve is made from BPA/BPS-free material, medical-grade silicone which provides a non-slip gripping surface and helps prevent breakage.
Nothing is more annoying than storage when you have children.When your baby is a toddler you will find that you have accumulated so much junk over the years, so there is nothing better than products that have multiple uses and grow with your family ?
The Lifefactory baby bottles are reusable. It goes from being a baby milk bottle to a sippy cup to a snack container and finally to storage container!