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derektylerr 1 year ago.
ordered from them over a month ago, still havent recieved my order. they provided no tracking number after asking numerous times. very unprofessional; they’re now ignoring my emails when asking whats going on with the order. never ordering off then again.
Dw222 1 year ago.
Ordered Genomex from MassivePumps a while back. The clomid and Nolva were both good. But I will give my honest opinion. I felt as if the test was not as great as other brands I have used.
The service at MassivePumps was great tho.
fly dips 2 years ago.
Ordered Genomex products from, excellent products.. Sustanon was as good as any I’ve had, definitely not underdosed as far as I’m concerned, and their orals are second to none.. Ive tried their Dbol before and Loved it and most recently used their Anadrol and had zero complaints.. GREAT LAB.
Ris02 2 years ago.
Ordered from a canadian website, was a waste of money, cenbuterol was not working, test enanthate was underdose ( done a bloodtest at week 10 ), didnt do any ptc and switched to another lab. Seem like lot of guys are pleased with that lab, but not me.
Flex96480 2 years ago.
john though canadianpharma beast, goos communication. Amazing gear. sust 300..wont go anywhere else.
stevey77 2 years ago.
Been lurking on eroids for a minute now, might as well join the club and contribute my 2 cents.
Really happy with the product these guys are putting out – and after receiving 3 successful orders from the labs main website genomexpharma (.com) I figured I should review these guys.
My last order went just as smoothly as the first and second orders, got my gear within a week of ordering, this time it was: 2 T400, 1 Anavar, 1 Arim and 1 Nolva (i’ll post some pics in bit). Been using Genomex products for almost 2 yrs now and I’ve been very happy with my gains – I’ve managed to keep 25 solid pounds of muscle on (from 185 to a solid 210) and my overall strength and pumps have been through the roof lately. The Genomex T400 delivers! I should add that i’m extra happy with their Anavar as I’ve gotten some pretty shitty Var from other labs in the past.
These guys obviously take pride in their product from packaging to performance and even the customer service has been impressive. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality Canadian gear.
smithandwesson1 2 years ago.
I have placed two separate orders from Genomex(puregearonline),first was three bottles of anavar which I received in three business days,and the second order was two bottles of clen which arrived in two business days.Products are legit with good results,customer service is fast and polite.Shipping is fast ,reasonable, and very discreet.I would rate these guys A++ and would recommend them to a friend in a heart beat.
eastcoast21 3 years ago.
I have used many genomex products, all with good results. I am currently using their t3 and the stuff works awesome, has helped me shed bodyfat very well! as far as injectables go, never had any pip. Very professional looking gear, they take pride in their product that’s for sure. Fast shipping! a++
Madman 78 3 years ago.
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kranksta1978 3 years ago.
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RokMonster 3 years ago.
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Pain_and_Gain 3 years ago.
Ordered Genomex Superdrol from xxx a few months ago. No issues and fast delivery.
First time using Superdrol. 3 week cycle at 10/20/30.
Creatine (Creature by Beast)
Muscle Pharm Battle Fuel (mainly for the 3000mg of DAA)
Main goal was recomp and strength increase, so I didnt want to put on too much extra weight. Didnt run a calorie surplus. Ended up gaining 7lbs and strength increased significantly.
Didn’t notice to much in week 1. Slight buzzing headache that lingered for most of the day. But nothing debilitating and did not prevent me from working out.
Week 2 i could notice the strength increase and some added size in my chest and shoulders. Insane muscle pumps while working out. Had some lethargy during the day and often felt like having a nap during work. Back pumps were really intense during squats and deadlifts. Constantly had to stretch my lower back out.
Week 3 the strength gains continued and I made new PR’s in the following:
Bench Press: 275lb —> 315lb.
Deadlift: 365 —> 455.
Lethargy continued during the day, but when I got to the gym I felt pumped and energized. Back pumps were still a major issue doing squats and deadlifts, but just had work through it.
I was satisfied with the product. And best of all, I did not experience any of the side effects that I read about such as low sex drive, erectile disfunction, or possible gyno. However, I never got any blood work done, so i cant say how my cholesterol or liver values were affected. I was able to maintain most of my gains after PCT which I was very happy with.
All in all, it was a pretty good product and I would order from them again. I would recommend Superdrol for anyone looking for some nice strength increases and dry gains. But just make sure to have your support supplements and PCT in order.
RokMonster 3 years ago @Pain_and_Gain.
wow bro you really know your stuff, Pain and Gain. and thanks for all the stats and extra supplements to take. i never know whats good with what. i may add superdrol in a month or two. i was told superdrol really helps get leans gains quickly. but like u said lethargy is my concern. i need to be alert at work.
Pythons 3 years ago.
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Smitty.D 3 years ago.
I bought gear from back in May.
LeanClean 3 years ago.
Ive been with Genomex pharma for a year now. they have not let me down once. their products and services are fantastic. they take time to explain to me little differences in things. for example. a lot of labs use the same test e and test c for their product line. so all they do is relabel test e or test c and interchange them.
test c technically is suppose to last longer than test e. i did a test. i shot once a week. 500mgs test e and c. with test e i felt my test levels get lower around day 4 or 5. test c i didnt feel low test for 7 days. these guys really take the time to make solid products and know their Stuff. i appreciate that since i have been gearing a long time and sick of all these fly by night labs that make underdosed products or the reps dont know what they are talking about. Genomex pharma i salute u! keep up the great work.
theres several sites out there now. i have used and both fast and solid guys. i wont be going anywhere else anytime soon.
Vic78 3 years ago.
Hey did anyone else notice that these guys finally got their own domain? I’ve been grabbing Genomex Pharma from puregearonline for a while now but just saw come up in my google search – site looks pretty official, just wondering if anyone has ordered from them?
Anyways, been a while since I posted – still getting great results with Genomex so I’m still positive about the products – seen some real solid gains this summer. was just mostly wondering about the thing.
LeanClean 3 years ago @Vic78.
yes I just recently ordered from they are an official and authorized dealer. great guys too.
usually i dont like sending a lot of money to a new site. but had zero problems getting my 12 bottles. getting ready for my fall bulk stack will post pics this week for proof of purchase.
Sculpted 3 years ago.
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Sculpted 3 years ago.
I just did a cycle of genomex masteron and deca and had amazing results their stuff is definitely not underdosed and I barely had to use any anti-estrogen agents. I haven’t tried a lot of their stuff, but what I have is definitely top notch.
_nightwolf_ 4 years ago.
Hands down! one of the best underground labs in Canada, top quality products and excellent communication skills from pureroids.
SuperDavey 4 years ago @_nightwolf_.
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RokMonster 3 years ago @SuperDavey.
hey it looks like u and me did the same exact thing. i bought some epharma from in the summer. it was solid stuff. no issues there.
switched to genomex heard really good things online and know a couple guys at the gym who use it. they swear by it so i just picked some up from
ill let u know how i do on genomex in a couple months.
larssen 4 years ago.
test+mast+tren worked great. good lean mass gains and strenght went up. genomex is good.
unclerico 4 years ago.
I started to use the Genomex test 400,and am pleasantly surprised with the results.
I did not find the pain on injection sites to be a s much as was expected,considering test 400 is usually painful.
I am now gonna order Genomex regularly.
Bschrome 4 years ago.
I just started getting stuff from pureroids & think ive found my new #1 source, they are absolutely amazing to deal with & get back to you very fast. this source is very professional & I look forward to get what I need from them, so far im very satisfied with my results from Genomex Labs & am so glad I switched from the very under dosed medistar labs. thanx pureriods for good quality genomex, keep up the good work.
Vic78 4 years ago.
made another order recently, received my order from in 2 days. very good service and fast response times.
I have to say I have tried several different labs over the last couple years and genomex has never disappointed me. all the products are properly dosed, well made and no pip.
I have had serious gains this year with my bulk stack and I used all genomex products. very nice to see myself grow and getting consistent gains.
ps really looking forward to trying your new oral products and peptides.
iRoid7 4 years ago.
solid lab, i can tell they are properly dosing, very very low pip if any, on their test, mast, tren and decca, have not used other injectables yet.
I am also now using their clen and t3. im doing a 4 week program tapering up from 20mcg to 80mcg of each and tapering back down. im into my second week and I am getting a lot of water weight off, and the dosages are solid. 10mins on the treadmill with genomex i am sweating out a lot of water ive taken in that day.
i have had stuff before from other labs where i didnt even get shaky hands, but with genomex i am very satisfied and happy.
good service, and very fast. they process and ship orders quickly so i dont have to wait over a week from the time i place my order to when they accept $ send it gets into my hands.
i have successfully ordered 4 times from them this year.
I have had very good gains from them and its been a very comfortable experience from getting it, to using it, to getting end results.
just running their test now @ 500mgs, and with summer coming will be adding mast THEN tren, adding both at the same time is TOO much for me. but good god, I get hard and vascular i get with the 3. its my favorite stack hands down. one thing tho, tren makes me anxious and or very angry lol.
keep up the good work fellas and thanks!!
will report back with a review on their test mast tren stack.
iRoid7 4 years ago @iRoid7.
just running test 500mg and mast e 400mg a week.
i look and feel GREAT! gear working well, getting very hard and my veins are showing.
will report back after i add the tren.
eliot_99 5 years ago.
I recently received my Tren ace from Pure roids which is of course Genomex pharm. I was short a vial and decided to give these guys a try mid way through my current cycle. I must say i am very pleased with the product as it continued to work just as well if not better then the original tren ace i was on. the gear did come cloudy, however the time frame it was delivered in had some pretty nasty weather -35, and the stuff was probably left in a delivery truck over night. I simply heated it up in boiling water with a syringe to vent and it became pretty much perfect. Very happy thus far. Packaging is very professional and they have done a great job so far.