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The MAACLink generated Standard Intake Form is a report that a user can pull for a single day of service for the client after a service has been entered. This form can be helpful for the client to be able to review the information entered that day and then sign off on the release on the bottom (this release is specific to managed funds and does not fulfill the requirements of the Client Consent and Release of Information form). Some agencies use this form to pass along to their accounting or finance department so that they can issue the appropriate payment. In addition this form is helpful to have in the client’s file for easy reference and provides the documentation necessary for audits.
Once the data entry is complete for the client, this form can be pulled by clicking on Standard Intake Form on the left-hand navigation.
From there you simply follow three steps:
Step 1 – Select the date of service you would like the Standard Intake Form to display.
Step 2 – Check the box if you would like the case notes entered for that day of service.
Step 3 – Click Ok .
From there, the Standard Intake Form will display.
Its important to note that your pop-up blocker must be disabled in order for the form to show up on your screen.
This form will include the client’s information , household members, the clients services received on that specific date, the most recent financial assessment and, if selected, case notes from that specific date. It will also include an Application Certification which may be helpful when using managed funds.
If you right-click on the screen at this point you will have the option to print this document.
Having a printed copy of the MAACLink generated Standard Intake Form can be helpful to have in the client’s file. It also can be used to complete the approval process for payment at your agency. However you choose to use the MAACLink generated Standard Intake Form at your agency please bear in mind you must abide by the privacy guidelines for MAACLink. If you have questions about MAAClink privacy guidelines please contact us.
If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a blank Standard Intake Form used to complete an intake before the data is entered into MAACLink please see the section on MAACLink Forms.
Picking Social Service Software.
So you’re not required to use HMIS, but you’re interested in using a social service software. Here’s what you need to know about MAACLink:
MAACLink is so much more than an HMIS.
MAACLink offers 4 additional modules: Fund Management, Shelter Management, Emergency Assistance and Strength Based Case Management.
MAACLink is competitively priced.
As a non-profit agency ourselves, we arere uniquely positioned to offer low-cost technology solutions for your agency. We offer sliding scale pricing and, depending on where you are located, your MAACLink cost could be fully or partially covered by grants.
Community Wide Data Sharing.
MAACLink works on the premise that communities work better when they work together. If your community is already online with MAACLink then you will be able to see other agency’s data. With this your community can work together to address the greatest need, prevent duplicate services and ensure that limited resources are used wisely.
You have a choice when it comes to picking a system for your social service agency to use. For more information or to set up a demo contact us today.
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