Black Ant Pills, King, Side Effects, Where to Buy and How to Use.
Last updated on November 6th, 2017.
Black ant pills are available in varying proportions but their reviews give mixed signals. While medical bodies are against their use, the users claim to have seen improvements upon their use. These pills are readily available for sale online and we get into their details.
Black Ant Pills, Capsule & Supplements.
Their primary ingredient is the black ants . They are used in the formulations together with other items. These include ginseng, Formica, Hippocampi as well as other identified trace minerals and essential amino acids.
According to the manufacturer information, they are in a position to keep effects for up to seven days. They enhance sexual confidence by increasing testosterone levels. This helps to prevent early ejaculation. All this helps to increase self-confidence thus making the experience enjoyable. Original black ants are natural. They make use of herbal supplements to help increase sexual desire.
Sample of the black ants.
What Are They?
These are supplements that are meant to improve sexual activity. They are best for persons suffering from impotence, premature ejaculation, lack of sex drive as well as erectile problems.
German Black Ant Pill.
This is a male enhancement product. It can be used to improve blood circulation thus making the penis longer and thicker for a long while. It could also help in solving issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and thus prolong the duration of intercourse as well as improve one’s confidence.
The drug has prolonged effects and its effects can be felt for up to five days after intake. They is to be taken with warm boiled water and one should only take a single capsule within 24hours. This should be done 30 minutes before sexual activity begins. It should be used by people with sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, and low libido.
Chinese Black Ant capsules.
They have been endorsed as the only ant that can be used in treatment by the Chinese government. For many years, the Chinese herbalists have used black ants in treating a number of ailments. Among these is the enhancement of sexual potency.
This is the motivation behind their use because they are meant to eliminate sexual anxiety through improved sexual performance. The pills should be taken with caution. Ensure that one pill is taken within one day. Avoid using them excessively.
In case an erection lasts very long without ejaculation taking place, one should take a cupful of boiled water. This should be enough to neutralize the effects. Intake should not be repeated until one hour is over. Since the effects are known to last for as long as seven days, it is advisable to only take the one capsule every five days.
What are their Ingredients.
Just as the name suggests, they are derived from the Polyrhachis Vicina Roger which is also known as the black ant. They contain ingredients that help in treating sexual problems. They are said to cure ailments that lead to sexual performance problems. These include testosterone production, premature ejaculation, and impotence.
These pills are said to contain black ants as their main ingredients. They also contain Hippocampi, Formica, Ginseng, and Medlar. Also listed in the ingredients is a blend of trace minerals and essential amino acid. These undeclared ingredients are what is of concern to most medical organizations. Research has shown that they contain prescription strength ingredients such as sildenafil and tadalafil. This makes them a dangerous sexual enhancement product.
Where to buy them – for sale in wholesale.
Their pricing is higher than most products of the same nature. A single box of four tablets will retail at between $20 and $25. This can turn out costly for a person who may need to use these tablets regularly.
Most of the pills are offered for sale online. For persons who wish to purchase them in bulk, most websites will offer an option for the same. The wholesale offers will normally just be a click away. There always are some great offers to attract customers to an initial purchase.
Who can supply them – suppliers.
Most of the people who supply them online especially online herbal medication dealers. This is where people get these pills on both retail and wholesale. Some websites though are only dedicated to supplying in bulk. Before engaging in online suppliers, it is best to make a background check on the supplying store to avoid getting duped.
Where to Buy Black Ant Pills.
In case you are wondering where to buy them, these are only a click away. They are available in most online stores that deal with herbal sexual enhancement products. One can also buy them from manufacturer’s website.
A lot of precaution is to be taken when dealing with sexual enhancement products as they could have severe side effects. Their use not recommended. The Food and Drugs Administration has had to recall the products although they are still available for sale online. The fact that the manufacturers are only vague concerning the ingredients and do not reveal all of them is also fishy. Before making a decision on purchasing these tablets or capsules, it is best to do thorough research so as to make an informed decision.
How to use them – Directions or How to take them.
These tablets come with manufacturer instructions on how to use them. These should be followed to enhance efficiency. One capsule is to be swallowed 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. One should then let at least 24 hours pass before taking another one.
Since they are known to have residual effects for up to 180 hours, it is advised that one takes one tablet every week. In case one has erections lasting longer or which are more frequent than normal, one should take a glass of warm water to control the effect.
Do they have side effects.
The manufacturers claim that there are no known side effects. However, the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia tested it and found undeclared components in it. It may contain sildenafil which can interact negatively with other medication.
These pills may pose a risk to one’s health. Some side effects of sildenafil which is a prescription only medication include stuffy nose, memory lapse, back pain, headaches and stomach upsets. In severe instances, one may experience painful erections, chest pains, feeling dizzy and shortness of breath.
Black ants pills review.
Although there are many claims given by the manufacturers as to what they can do, some statements have been proven to be false. The is a claim that they do increase the size of the one’s manhood yet it is well known that medication can permanently increase the size. This is only possible if one undergoes surgery.
Though black ant king is said to be backed up by clinical trials, these have not been published anywhere, the research center thy claim to have done this from is also questionable as it appears to not be in existence.
The tablets and capsules offer its description as one with no known side effects. However, the Therapeutic Goods Administration based in Australia conducted tests and found out that it has undeclared amounts of sildenafil. This is an ingredient that could adversely interact with other drugs. []
The Food and Drugs Administration of the United States also found these elements. The safety, quality, and efficacy of the product remain unknown. They also do not reveal the exact amounts of ingredients used in them.
Given the mysterious nature of this product, it is one that should be left alone. In case one is looking to enhance their sexual activity, it is best to use products with a good reputation. One can make use black ant pills reviews online. Check out genuine user testimonials, find out if the drug has been approved by relevant authorities and seek referrals from family and friends.
Black Ant King Pill.
This is a capsule for male sexual enhancement. It is said to be an up to date product that was released after clinical experiments. It is made up of herbal ingredients which possess the ability to ensure safe and long-lasting erections.
It helps males who are experiencing impotence to maintain better sexual activities. Their usage could as well help to improve a person’s overall health. The capsule is also known to have long-lasting effects on the body due to trace elements being present in the body long after they have been taken.
Some of the exact effects it has include:
Enhancement of sexual functionality Strengthening of libido and erections Gets rid of premature ejaculation Eliminates erection problems Improves overall health.
These capsules are taken orally 30 minutes before going sexual activity. With warm water. The effects should be seen by the time this time is over. One should never take another one before 24 hours have gone by. Since the effects are known to last for up to seven days, it is best to take one capsule after every five days.
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Where can I buy these pills I use to get them from a health store but was pulled . Why is that they worked great.
What is the jell yellow capsules on the side of pack.
Read here….hope it might help you ?
A guy took too much and his dick literally exploded while having sex. It was in the news a few days ago.
Once took a viagra pill that was given to me by a friend, I felt no difference except for a miserable sinus attack. I’ve been taking black ant pills ever since I was introduced to them because it actually works and without any side affects what so ever. Never heard of them costing $24 per pack. They’re only $5 or $6 per pack in some stores where I’ve purchased them. Never have I tried another viagra pill again. If black ant contains the medication drug “sildenafil”, which viagra contains, then why haven’t there ever been any side affects after taking them off and on for years ?
Where can you purchase Black Ant? please let me know.
Don’t know where you live Ej, but I live in the Northern Virginia Area and I buy mine at an Asian Store in downtown Washington, DC. The stores name is Wah Shing International.
Hi, can u tell me what store to get them from.
Does it really work.
Can someone tell me.
I had same when ever took viagra made me feel like shit! But black ants great but problem is when i bougth i got in thailand and they was great and friends loved them, then the next time they was no good but i looked at them and the colour was lighter green and when i broke in half they was pure white which im told was just normal viagra as black ants should have lots of green bits inside them which is the health and natural ingrediants but since then i find original so does anyone know where to find please.
Does it really work .and is safe.
Black ant works for me. I have had the runny nose and the stomach ache but I’ll do is take them once a week instead of three times. I tell ya , i am a 54 yr okd man anf my dick has beenon a renaissance since i started using black ant !
Man I’m looking for them I’m 53 having some problems hit me up 857-577-0801 or please man let me no.
Black ant works for me. I’ve had the runny nose anf stomach ache but i was taking it 3x a week which was not necessary. I am a 54 yr old man whose dick has been on a renaissance since taking black ant !
hello guys if any one is in need of Black ants sex pills do not hesisted to email on
What’s sup bro can you send me some.
Thomas I tried to email u but it says the email doesn’t exist.
does anyone know where u can purchase these in los angeles.
How to take the pill. I have the green box with two different kind of pills. One green and one brown.
Read here…hope this might help you..
How to take the green box with one brown pill and one green.
Where can you buy in Australia please. John Regards John.
Good to find an expert who knows what he’s tainklg about!
Is there a place to buy them in memphis tn area ,
where can buy black ant.
I used Black Ant and was good, I had sex for two days with one pill.
My prbleom was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.
Hey guys, do know where I can buy the herbal black ants pill in the uk? I would love to get some of these pills.
came across your post regarding black ant pills, I’m able to supply these after bringing a load home from a recent trip to Thailand. if your still wanting these drop me an email:
if not then just disregard this message.
i order some and me not knowing it was a disappointment they were expire that is not fair to the consumer what should i do about this ?
i live in Canada toronto.
is there a place here to buy this product.
How long does black ant tablet can take to do sexual with someone I mean how many hours?
how can i use because its come with 10 capsule and 10 small jell capsule, i don’t know how can i use.
when i use big capsule and when i can use small capsule please advise me Thanks.
Anybody wanting black ant king contact mal.
where can I buy the black or green ants viagra please.
Hi guys, I live in Thailand and use Black Ant from China. I have had great results and no reflux or side effects that i had from Cialis and Viagra. If anybody wants some then I am happy to send from here. I pay 500 baht or equivalent for a tin of 10 so whatever the postage works out at, add on. Email me on if you want them. Cheers to all.
After reading your message about Black Ant pills I am very interested in purchasing from yourself.
I have used one for first time and they are wicked, I have had problem down below for while so.
would much appreciate if you could get back to me via Email, I live in Scotland so could you send.
me price on how many you could send at time and price for posting.
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