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Support Major Crimes- Thank the Advertisers!
On the occasion of the Major Crimes season premiere, we’ve decided to bring back our Thank the Advertisers Campaign, to help us show our support for Major Crimes in the terms that make sense to the network executives: advertising dollars. We hope you’ll join us every week for this campaign, as we all work towards a common goal: keeping Major Crimes on the air for many years to come.
Want to help support Major Crimes ? Join us in thanking the sponsors and advertisers that help make it possible! The point here is to thank the the advertisers who have bought ad time during Major Crimes for their support of the show- by showing them that the Major Crimes viewers are both devoted and brand savvy, we show them that this is a show they want to continue doing business with, thus encouraging them to sign on for future seasons, which then encourages TNT to produce future seasons. So here’s how it works:
1. Watch the show live (if you can, though many of us can’t, and that’s OK too), or through one of the other means (iTunes Download,, website)
2. After the episode, tune in here or to our twitter feed (@MajorCrimesTV) to see the advertiser handles for that evening. Send a tweet to each advertiser (and to @TNTDrama) thanking them for their support. Throw in your own fun fact for the advertiser. If Toyota runs a commercial and your family has one, let them know!
@BestBuy saw your ad on @TNTDrama’s #MajorCrimes. Just bought my #MajorCrimes DVD’s from you- thanks for supporting the show!
Make sure to include the following in each tweet.
-The twitter handle for both the advertiser and TNT (@TNTDrama) -Some mention that you saw the ad on #MajorCrimes (mentioning the ad shortly after it airs will prove that we are paying attention) -A quick thank you for their support of the show. -If you have space, feel free to include the @MajorCrimesTNT twitter handle Also, this might go without saying, but if you have a protected (locked) Twitter account, this will not work (the advertisers won’t see your tweets). So in order to participate, you may have to open up a public account just for this purpose, or unlock your tweets for a bit.
Please write your own tweet (hitting the Retweet button does not have nearly the impact). It can be similar to ours, but give it a little variation. Please be polite to the advertisers- we want them to see that the Major Crimes watchers are an intelligent bunch that would represent a good target audience for their brand.
Advertiser list for Episode 406 (July13, 2015)
Aleve – Spotlight Sponsor- @AleveLiquidGels.
Land Rover – @LandRover.
Olive Garden- @OliveGarden.
Mercedes Benz – @MercedesBenz.
Toyota RAV4 – @Toyota.
Capella University- @CapellaU.
Nature Made Vitamin- @NatureMade.
You probably had some local businesses advertised during the episode. Please take a moment and look up their Twitter info. These are usually smaller businesses, and love hearing from you!
On another note, if you can, buy the episode on iTunes or your purchase does count towards what the network sees as total viewers, and for International fans, it’s one of the main ways you can help contribute to Major Crimes viewership numbers!
Thank you in advance for your participation, and lets make some noise and support Major Crimes !
-Want to do more to support the show and let TNT know how much you love it? Send them an email or a letter! All the information you need can be found here .
Questions, ask below- otherwise, go forth and tweet! And if you tweet and get a response, feel free to post it below!
Ratings- Major Crimes Wins Night, Week, As Most-Watched Cable Series.
Halfway through its summer season, Major Crimes continues to set new records in the ratings, solidifying its status as one of this summers strongest series.
This week’s outing brought in 4.02 million viewers, and easily won the night as the Most Watched Basic Cable Program . In key demographics the episode also stayed steady with the rest of the summer season, with 0.5 million viewers 18-49 tuning in. While the 4th of July holiday weekend caused an expected drop in live+ same day ratings, the drop was minimal and steady with the rest of the summer season so far.
Meanwhile, TNT’s Monday night lead-out series Murder in the First continued to struggle in both total viewers and the demographic, continuing with its week-to-week downward trend, losing over 51% and 60%, respectively, of the Major Crimes audience.
Last week’s record-setting episode of Major Crimes continued to dominate, and finished as the Most Watched Basic Cable Program of the Week , beating out all other scripted, reality and sports programs. Major Crimes continues to top TNT’s other summer programming as well, including the most recent episodes of Falling Skies (1.82/0.4), Proof (2.9/0.4) and The Last Ship (2.6/2.0.7).
In time-delayed ratings, Major Crimes made even bigger gains, with episode 402 increasing viewership by over 96% in Live + 7 day, for a total of 7.5 million total viewers, and a massive 220% increase in key demographics for a total of 1.6 million viewers 18-49. Meanwhile, episode 403 likewise saw significant increases, rising 36% to 5.77 million viewers in Live + 3.
Overall Major Crimes continues to outperform the rest of TNT’s summer slate, with an average of 9.7 million viewers per episode across all platforms.
406- “Personal Effects”
“Personal Effects” – Monday, July 13 2015, at 9 p.m . (ET/PT)
When the squad comes across a pile of bones, they fall into a web of connections as they find their victim has an unnerving past. Rusty continues to pursue his investigation of the Alice case with the help of a new friend. Meanwhile, Rusty also gets roped into helping Provenza make a major move.
Ratings: Major Crimes Hits New Season High, Scores as Most-Watched Scripted Series of Night and Week.
Fireworks all around! The 4th of July isn’t the only thing Major Crimes is celebrating, with ratings for last nights holiday-themed outing (see what we did there!?) bringing in 4.4 million viewers, a 3.5% increase over last weeks episode and a new season high. Even bigger gains were seen in the 18-49 demographic, with 0.7 million viewers 18-49 tuning in , also a new season high. Overall the episode also won the night as the most watched scripted series.
Last week’s episode of Major Crimes continued to dominate, winning the week as the Most Watched Scripted Cable Series of the Week , beating out fellow TNT series Rizzoli and Isles . Major Crimes has continued to outperform the rest of TNT’s summer roster as well, including the latest episodes of The Last Ship (3.28/0.8), Proof (2.18/0.3, losing more than half of its Monday night lead-in) and the season premiere of Falling Skies (2.03/0.5).
Major Crimes has continued to make huge gains in time delayed ratings. The season premiere built on its already-impressive L+3 numbers to finish with 8.9 million viewers across all platforms in L+7, outperforming network projections by over 7%. In key demos the episode reached a total of 1.6 million viewers 18-59, and 2.1 million viewers 25-54, a 5% and 14% increase over the L+3 numbers, respectively.
Episode 402 of Major Crimes continued the upwards trend, virtually doubling it’s total viewers in Live + 3 to 5.464 . In the key demographics the impact was even greater, rising 76% from 0.5 to 0.9 in viewers 18-49 .
Hey TNT… we think it might be time to start thinking about Season 5!
405 – “Snitch”
“Snitch” – Monday, July 6, 2015, at 9 p.m . (ET/PT)
While the Major Crimes unit investigates a complicated gangland shooting, Det. Amy Sykes finds she must protect the identify of a witness capable of identifying the killer. Rusty struggles with how to manage newly gained information on the Alice case, and Lt. Flynn works to gain the courage to take his relationship with Captain Raydor to the next level.
Ratings- Major Crimes Wins Night With Double-Digit Gains.
Last weeks episode continued to perform well in the ratings, coming in as the second-most watched cable offering of the week. Overall, Major Crimes continued to outperform several of its sister series on TNT, coming in on top of the return of the highly advertised The Last Ship (2.93/0.7) and series premiere of Proof (2.65/0.4) and its own Monday night lead-out, Murder in the First. (2.18/0.3)
MCTV Exclusive: Michael Paul Chan Talks Tao and Why This Is ‘Major Crimes’ “Best Season Ever”
Michael Paul Chan, the man behind everyone’s favorite tech-wizard and veteran cop, took some time out of his season four filming schedule to chat with us about how season four is going for him, and tonight’s Tao-centric episode of Major Crimes.
Major CrimesTV: How is it going so far for season four?
Michael Paul Chan: To be honest this is my best season ever; physically, and mentally, it’s really going good for me. This season for some reason we just, there is just such a connection, with all of us, it’s really cool. I think knowing what kind of a show we were, you know like being with The Closer for seven years, we kept putting the time and effort into this. And we had to accept that this was a brand new show, and for me for this season it just seems kind of right in sync.
MCTV: James Duff has said that the theme for the season is “courage”. Does that theme affect Tao at all?
MPC: It hits me full-force in (tonight’s episode). But I can’t say anything more than that about it.
M CTV : Last season it was revealed Tao had a side job as a consultant on a familiar-sounding cop show, Badge of Justice – are we going to continue to see any of that this season?
MPC: That I don’t know, we haven’t touched on it yet. It was fun to play with, but it seems that that was all last year and we’ve kinda moved on because of all the things that we deal with this season.
But I’ve gotten the heads up that James always likes to, he’s into numbers and I’m into numbers, so he always says, get ready for number eight! Eight is a good luck number. It’s such a fu nny premise, but it’ll be fun because it’s a whole other thing to deal with.
MCTV: Tao is often the rock for the team, who holds things together. Does the pressure of that role ever get to him?
MPC: In (tonight’s episode) something happens and you see the vulnerable side of him, and hopefully we’ll get to deal with that a little bit more. Because something happens to him.
MCTV: What else can you tell us about this season?
MPC: More of his cop-side is coming out, you know because he’s always been the cool techy nerd, so more of his cop-side is coming out. He sees a little harder-edged this season, which has been lots of fun to do.
Major Crimes airs tonight at 9pm/8c on TNT.
Ratings – Major Crimes 50th Episode Wins Night; Stays Steady in Sophomore Outing.
On the heels of its strong season debut ratings, Major Crimes remained steady in its milestone 50th episode, winning the night as the Most Watched Scripted Cable Program with 3.81 million viewers.
Despite the expected ratings drop for the sophomore episode of the season, Major Crimes still performed strongly, retaining a close to 90% of its premiere audience, and in key demographics stayed steady at 0.5 million viewers, on par with the premiere. Meanwhile, sister TNT series Murder in the First lost close to half of it’s lead-in audience, a further decline from that shows premiere ratings.
Last weeks season pre miere of Major Crimes continued to gain momentum in time-shifted viewing, and was the second most-watched drama across all cable networks, behind only the season finale of Game of Thrones . As we first reported yesterday, the season premiere virtually doubled its viewership in Live + 3, with 7.0 total viewers turning in via DVR and multi-platform views. In key demos Major Crimes tripled its impact, rising to 2 million viewers in adults 25-54, and 1.4 million viewers in adults 18-49. Those numbers are expected to further rise, with the season premiere currently projected to score approximately 8.3 million total viewers once Live + 7 data is available.
Congratulations again to the cast and crew of Major Crimes on 50 amazing episodes!
Reminder: Please check out Thank the Advertisers Campaign for more ways to support Major Crimes !
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