Caricature Commissions and Blog.
Jedi caricature for Dtannen of USA by Mel casipit.
Superhero caricature for Sue.
Superhero caricature for Username “Global” by Mel Casipit.
Megaman and Rush caricature for Paul and Truman by Mel Casipit.
Superwoman for Judy and Ad by Mel Casipit.
Couple caricature for Kathlyn PH by Mel Casipit.
Super Lex The Netherlands by Mel Casipit.
Catwoman inspired Carticature for Liz by Mel Casipit.
These are some of the caricature commissions I got last September. As you can see on the gallery, the requests ranges from Couples to superheroes to Adverts. If you need any commission like this feel free to message me.
Mel’s Short Blog:
The first door electric line is finally connected. I finally able to work at home and not think about the papers and payments I need to settle. My Aunt said they will visit very soon to talk to the new tenant. All is well.
Simpsonized Cartoons and Blog.
Simpsonized jack by Mel Casipit.
Simpsonized Jason by Mel Casipit.
Simpsonized JB by Mel Casipit.
Simpsonized Jan by Mel Casipit.
Some of my Simpsonized Cartoons I did last July. I am uploading these as I do on my Facebook page do check it out. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.
Mel’s short Blog:
It’s the beginning of the work week, it was holiday yesterday, Bonifacio Day from Andres Bonifacio the Supremo of Katipunan. I am going to pay for the service deposit for Meralco service, I hope it will be all good so I can go home early. I still need to finish some caricature commissions so time is very crucial.
Caricature Commissions and Blog.
Flash Gordon Themed Caricature by Mel Casipit.
McCizzle one of the custom caricatures I did. – mel Casipit.
Detective Themed caricature by Mel Casipit.
Caricature for Tommy (UK) by Mel Casipit.
IronMan Theme caricature for Ryan by Mel Casipit.
Office Boss Caricature commissioned by Bebe by Mel Casipit.
Office Boss Caricature commissioned by Bebe 2 by Mel Casipit.
Supergirl Caricarture by Mel Casipit.
These are some of the caricatures I did last September. As you can see, I do both traditional and Digital Caricatures. I use photoshop and sai for Digital and I use pens and inks with pencils for colors in traditional. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I would like to draw something new. I plan do that as soon as I can. If you need a similar commission feel free to message me.
Mel’s Short Blog:
I went earlier today to Makati City Hall to inquire about the requirements for applying a Certificate of Electrical Inspection and Wiring permit. Apparently, the first door apt where I’m at had been disconnected by Meralco due to non-payment. I was asked by my Aunt to settle everything on the first door apartment as there is already a new boarder to rent the place.
So I what I did first was to call Meralco to get the details I need. I was instructed to go to Makati City Hall to get CEI and Wiring permit as those 2 are required to apply for re-connection or simply re-application. So I went to Makati City Hall and went to the 6th floor as the Engineering Dept. is located there. I used the stairs as well as the queue on the elevator is too long. Just like a typical local government office, there are no one to talk to, you have to approach someone to as directions, and when you go to the directed place, the certainty of the answers is very vague. I got the forms but I am not quite sure what to do next. Instead of waiting I went to Meralco Makati.
At Meralco Makati, I was immediately assisted by the sales rep. She gave me all the things I need to settle the balance and are all stapled in one place. What I am confused about is that, the Info I was given when I called Meralco is different to what the person on the counter told me. I am guessing that the “true” process is what the sales rep told me so that’s what I will do.
My advise for someone who got their Meralco meter taken becaused of disconnection due to non-payment. If it’s only a few days, go immediately to Meralco and ask what to do. That’s the best option, do yourself a favor and save time.