B vitamins lower homocysteine and wards off Erectile Dysfunction.
Vitamin combo cures hidden cause of erectile dysfunction.
Q: I’ve been suffering from erectile dysfunction for the past several months, and finally worked up the courage to talk to my doctor and get a prescription for Viagra. It hasn’t worked at all, and I’m beyond disappointed. Is there anything else I can try?
Dr. Wright: First off, you’re not alone. There are many men like you who suffer from erectile dysfunction and who did not see the improvement they were hoping for after taking Viagra. Fortunately, there’s a natural strategy you can try that achieved excellent results in a research study.
Researchers at the University of Rome worked with 75 men with erectile dysfunction, and asked them to spend two months taking Viagra. Each of the 18 men who did not respond to Viagra had one thing in common — high levels of homocysteine, which also correlates with higher cardiovascular disease risk.
These 18 non-responders were asked to take a combination therapy of Viagra, vitamin B6, and folic acid for six weeks. Sixteen of the 18 non-responders — or 88.9% — had significant improvement in erectile function, and all 18 decreased their serum homocysteine levels.
Serum homocysteine testing is widely available, and may be a good idea in your case. If you find you have high homocysteine, why not try vitamin B6, folate, and vitamin B12 and see if it helps with your erectile dysfunction?
For the best chance of success, take 100 milligrams daily of the pyridoxal-5-phosphate form of vitamin B6, 3,000 micrograms daily of methylfolate, and 3,000 micrograms daily of the methylcobalamin form of vitamin B12. As these are B-vitamins, it’s best to take part in the morning, and part in the evening.
If this approach works for you, it’s very likely you can eventually get by with lower doses. But before you cut back, have your serum homocysteine measured, and then check again every few months. Good luck!
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